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The Chinese within the [[zh:]] tag could be either Traditional or Simplified. It doesn't matter. Whether the user sees Traditional or Simplified is theoretically determined by his choice of user interface in his own Preferences.

Interlanguage Interwiki links[edit]

In Interwiki linking, in the case of linking to another Wiki project, but involving another language, such as linking from en.wikipedia to a Chinese language source on Wikisource, this may be done by first putting the project link target, then a colon followed by the target language as a prefix to the article page name, in the form:


For example, to link from en.Wikipedia to a Chinese language text at Wikisource (zh.wikisource):

Type: [[wikisource:zh:天問]]
To get: wikisource:zh:天問

Type: [[wikisource:zh:天問|天問]]
To get: 天問

Type: [[wikisource:zh:天問|Heavenly Questions]]
To get: Heavenly Questions

These 3 examples all resolve to the zh.wikisource page 天問, but without the misleading and distracting appearance of being an external link.