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Wikipedian in Training Resource


  1. Suggested first steps for getting started
  2. Practice editing Wikipedia
  3. Sharing Cochrane Evidence on Wikipedia
  4. Example of General Workflow: Adding Cochrane Evidence to Wikipedia
  5. Other ways to be involved and resources

Suggested first steps for getting started:[edit]

Step 1: Create your Wikipedia user name and register on your group Dashboard.
  • Create a Wikipedia account
  • Click Here for a list of Cochrane Project Dashboards.
  • By adding adding your Wikipedia username to your group "dashboard", this allows us to track the initiative and follow your progress and article improvements.
Step 2: Getting Started! To learn how to edit Wikipedia see How to Editfor a list of online tutorials and tools to learn how to edit Wikipedia.
  • This resource includes an introductory video and a "cheat sheet" that many new Wikipedia editors find helpful when transiting between academic style of writing and encyclopedia style (for Wikipedia).
Step 3: Create your personal "user page"
  • This introduces you to the Wikipedia community (WP:MED) and lets them know why you are here
  • Disclose any potential conflict of interest (COI) on your userpage. e.g.: I am a student working with (insert your affiliation). My goal is to improve ___(insert)___-related Wikipedia articles with paraphrased content from Cochrane Reviews and other high quality reliable sources. 
  • Here is an example of my personal JenOttawa user page. You do not have to disclose your personal identity.

Practice editing Wikipedia [edit]

Tip 1: Ensure you are logged on to Wikipedia.
Tip 2: Practice in your Sandbox first.
  • Wikipedia has a "practice area" called your "sandbox" (see tab on top left while logged in to Wikipedia). This is a great place to practicing clicking the "edit" button, adding references (via the citation button) etc. This information does not go into Wikipedia articles or to search engines.
  • Go "play in your sandbox"- practice adding a citation etc first before editing Wikipedia (Help:My_sandbox)
Tip 3: Start small!
  • Develop your Wikipedia editing skills by starting with small edits.
  • Suggestions:
a. Read a Wikipedia article in your field and try to correct a few typos or improve the readability/neutrality.
b. Work up to adding in a new reference to support an existing sentence in a Wikipedia article (be sure to read WP:MEDRS or at least my cheat sheet to make sure that the content you are adding is appropriate as per Wikipedia's Guideline for Reliable Sources).

Sharing Cochrane Evidence on Wikipedia [edit]

Once you are comfortable editing Wikipedia and are ready to tackle a Cochrane Review, there are four main approaches you can take:
  1. Choose a Wikipedia article to tackle and find evidence to add via The Cochrane Library
  2. Visit the list of "Cochrane Reviews not yet on Wikipedia" and try to find a "home" for this evidence. (Be sure to read the notes regarding the importance of paraphrasing conclusions and proper referencing requirements). Reviews are organized into Cochrane Review Groups. Links to the articles to consider for Wikipedia are on the far left of this table.
  3. Contribute to the Cochrane Update Project on Wikipedia. This is a great way to practice your first few edits as well.
  4. Verify existing Cochrane Review citations on Wikipedia for accuracy.

Example of General Workflow: Adding Cochrane Evidence to Wikipedia[edit]

Step 1:
Choose a Cochrane Review that has not yet been added to Wikipedia in your area of expertise
Cochrane Reviews on Wikipedia
Step 2:
Determine a potential Wikipedia article where the conclusions of the Cochrane Review may help improve the article.
Step 3:
Open the potential Wikipedia article and find a place for these conclusions (verify that the evidence is not already in the article).
Step 4:
Paraphrase (re-word) the relevant evidence into the Wikipedia article.
Step 5:
Add the citation using the PMID or DOI.
How to add citations
If you are not sure that your edit is appropriate, please post your suggestions on the "talk page" of your Wikipedia article and wait for feedback from the community first before editing directly.
Completing this task:
  • After you add a review to an article, add {{done}} to put a check ( Done) mark before the PMID on the project page beside the article name
  • If you are working on an edit or waiting for community feedback, add {{Inprogress}} clock In progress before the PMID
  • If you find that the review is already used in Wikipedia, please add a {{done}} or put a line through the suggested review. This list is not 100% perfect as Wikipedia is being updated regularly.
  • If you feel that there is no obvious "home" in Wikipedia for this information, please add the template: {{N/A icon}} before the PMID on this page.
  • Please feel free to chose any Cochrane Review from this list (this task does not have to be performed in order).
  • Please contact User:JenOttawa email: jdawson (at) if you have any questions or suggestions.

Other ways to be involved and resources[edit]

  • Follow us on twitter: #CochraneWiki and share your progress

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