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Commons Upload Campaign (CUC) is a collaborative effort to move freely licensed images to Wikimedia Commons from local wikis.

Why move images to commons?[edit]

Wikimedia Commons is a shared free image repository. Rather than uploading the same image to some 720 wikis individually, images can be uploaded to commons and can be used from every wiki. This both saves time and server resources.

How to move an image to commons[edit]

Images to move[edit]

Decision tree for derivative works on Wikimedia Commons

Images licensed with free licenses such as GFDL, some versions of creative commons, and public domain.

Images not to move[edit]

  • Images that are not commercially-free and/or images that do not allow derivative works are not considered free enough for commons.
  • Some times copyrighted works are erroreously licensed under free licenses. Such images should not be uploaded to commons.
  • It is important to keep the derivative works policy in mind. Just because the author of the image claims ownership doesn't mean he or she is the copyright holder.
  • Keep local copyright laws such as the ones covering freedom of panorama in mind. Some countries do not have a commercially-free freedom of panorama and such images should not be uploaded to commons.

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