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Project background & structure
Communicate OER is a project of the University of Mississippi, funded by a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Pete Forsyth (project lead, on the right, above) and Sara Frank Bristow (project manager) are paid under the grant. Dr. Robert Cummings and Dr. Alexis Hart also worked to design the project and have continuing roles, but are not compensated directly by the grant. For anyone interested in the background of the project, an early draft of the proposal is on WikiEducator.

Please join the Communicate OER team and help improve Wikipedia content related to openness in education! Add your name to the list below, along with a note about your background or interests. While you're at it, you may want to join our email list. We'll be in touch either way!

New to Wikipedia?[edit]

  • Create a Wikipedia account first - it's quick and easy, and you'll see a link back to this page.
  • After you click "edit", start a new line, and put the following code (an asterisk, followed by 3 tildes) at the beginning of the line. It will automatically turn into a bullet, followed by your username (after you save your edit). Then tell us something about yourself after the squiggly lines.
  • Pete Forsyth, Project Lead. I will be training education experts in Wikipedia editing. I will be engaging primarily as a trainer and facilitator, rather than as an expert in open education.
  • Sara Frank Bristow, Project Manager. I'm handling most of the project's administrative aspects, but as an e-learning researcher with a focus on OER I bring a great deal of related knowledge to the project. I help lead the WikiSOO courses!.
  • Alexis Hart, Team Member. I am a teacher/scholar in higher education with online teaching experience. I am also on the editorial boards of a digital scholarly journal and an open-source textbook.
  • Thelmadatter Regional ambassador for Mexico, English teacher and self access language laboratory coordinator. Many of my student projects relate to GLAM as well.
  • Bob Cummings, Team Member. I am an Associate Professor of English at a research institution in the US, with a research emphasis in writing for Wikipedia.
  • Eugene Eric Kim. Huge believer in OER, and supporter of this effort to better document the movement here on Wikipedia (the natural place for it).
  • Emily Puckett Rodgers. I'm a librarian and a facilitator of OER at University of Michigan, a huge supporter of Wikipedia, and encourager of the development of accessible, adaptable global knowledge sharing practices.
  • MichChemGSI, Former Campus Ambassador. I am a huge proponent of developing better and more OER. I have a background in chemistry and would like to see more online resources available for teaching students chemistry.
  • Adrianne Wadewitz. Campus Ambassador and Digital Humanities Postdoc at Occidental College. I have a PhD in English and am interested in online learning, writing, open access, and new ways of reading.
  • Habib M’henni. I am a teacher in higher education (civil engineering) in Tunisia. I am interested in projects of Wikipedia and of course OER.
  • Paul Bacsich. I am an educational consultant working on OER policies and also on virtual universities, colleges and schools
  • Patrina Law. I am the Senior Manager for Strategic Projects at the Open University; I'm also Programme Managing the OER Research Hub (Hewlett-funded) and oversee the OER Hub initiative for the University.
  • Daniel Mietchen - Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science and interested in linking OER with Open Access and Wikimedia, e.g. by incorporating OA materials into OER or by work on wiki pages replacing or complementing classical coursework.
  • Julià Minguillón. I'm a teacher at the Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunication Dept. at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. I'm interested in creating a collection of resources for promoting and encouraging people to join the OER movement, namely the #metaOER project.
  • Robert Schuwer. I'm involved in several OER initiatives in the Netherlands, among which Wikiwijs. I am chairman of the Dutch Special Interest Group OER of SURF. Currently, this SIG OER is working at a initiative to provide information about OER for people interested in this topic (see Pages on SURFSpace (in Dutch)).
  • Anthony F. Camilleri. I've been active in a number of European OER Initaitives with EFQUEL, focusing on assessment and on open educational practices.
  • Nancy Graham. I am an academic librarian at the University of Birmingham in the UK. I have led several projects over the past six years to create and share OERs to support librarians in teaching information literacy. My current project is working with the LSE and UNESCO to support and encourage librarians from all over the world to share their teaching resources.
  • Jane Park. I am the CC Project Manager for the School of Open, a new initiative coordinated by Creative Commons and P2PU. I am looking forward to improving and increasing education around CC licenses, tools, and OER as part of the School and teaming up with Wikipedians to develop courses/resources that might contribute back to Wikipedia OER articles.
  • Rowena McKernan. Working as a librarian for the Open Course Library Project assisting faculty in adapting popular college classes to utilize OER materials. I also work with copyright holders and content creators to release their materials with an open license.
  • Robin L. Donaldson. I am an Instructional Design Specialist at the Florida Virtual Campus and serve as the Project Manager for The Orange Grove, Florida's digital repository. My work and research focus on open educational resources, and disruptive and innovative technology in higher education distance learning.
  • Nadia Mireles. Author and director of the video "Open Education Matters: Why is it important to share content?", which won the 3rd place at the US Dept of Education and Creative Commons contest past June 2012. Interested in policies on openness/open education in Latin America, OER for the Spanish speaking countries. Instructional designer and e-learning consultant and blogger at the IDB.
  • Dave Malicke. I'm an Open Education Specialist for the Open.Michigan Initiative at the University of Michigan. I also support the Wikipedia Education Program as a Campus Ambassador.
  • Vladimir Burgos. I'm a CKO/ Project manager and an Open Education Specialist at the [Universidad TECVirtual del Sistema Tecnológico de Monterrey]. I have led several OER projects over the past five years with national and international impact. I currently manage the temoa OER Catalog and the OCW institutional program at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in México; and also I'm the coordinator of the Latin American OER/OEP academic network CLARISE supported by RedCLARA and ALICE2
  • Fredwbaker (talk) I am a doctoral student in instructional design and I research open education. Primarily interested in working on the open education page.
  • David Kernohan. I'm a programme manager at [1], with responsibilities around the three-year [2] programme in England
  • Tjbliss I'm the OER Policy Fellow at the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) and a researcher with the Open Education Group ( at Brigham Young University. I'm interested in both OER policy and OER research. More about me at I will be starting work in earnest on the [Open Educational Resources Policy] page in early 2013.
  • Fredric Litto Retired Professor of Communications, Univ of São Paulo, and currently President, Brazilian Assn of Distance Education, which recently launched a referatory of OERs in the Portuguese language at
  • Dave.shemenski (talk) Entrepreneur and Technologist. I'm interested in how OER will disrupt existing education oriented markets and bureaucracies.
  • Andrew Milne (talk) I am a graduate student, a maker, and a teacher at Science World in Vancouver.
  • Blue Rasberry (talk) I am Lane Rasberry. I am interested in the development of health articles and open access articles on Wikipedia.
  • OmarGosh. Experience at both Connexions and OERPUB.
  • Amee Godwin (talk), Director, Strategic Initiatives at ISKME in Half Moon Bay, CA; OER advocate and prior program director of the OER Commons initiative and ISKME's OER Teacher Training initiative over the last six years.
  • Lauren Valdez, Team Member. I'm the Program Coordinator at the Global Lives Project, were we are just launching an OER initiative with our digital video library.
  • Tori Klassen (talk) I'm the Communications Director for BCcampus in Vancouver British Columbia; we have just been tapped to lead Canada's first official Open Textbook project.
  • Nicole Allen (talk) I'm an advocate for textbook affordability and open textbooks with the Student PIRGs.
  • Daniel Williamson (talk) I am the Managing Director of the Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship at Rice University. In this position, I manage the day to day operations of several open education projects including Connexions, OpenStax College, and OpenStax Tutor.
  • Tim Seal (talk) I am the Senior Manager for Virtual Research Environment at the Open University; Previous to that I worked as the Assistant Director in the Support Centre for Open Resource in Education also at the Open University.
  • Alona Chmilewsky I am a lecturer at Aalto University and a Phd candidate at University of Helsinki, Finland. I promote OER as a teacher and do research on OER-empowered pedagogies.
  • Siobhán Burke I am an Educational Technologist working for Jorum, a national OER repository in the UK. It's a JISC funded service and based at Mimas at the University of Manchester.
  • Edward Mokurai Cherlin (talk) Program Manager for Replacing Textbooks at Sugar Labs, the Free Software and content partner of One Laptop Per Child. Our computers and many others cost much less than printed textbooks, so various countries are digitizing all of their K-12 textbooks and some are building their own educational computers. The next step is to go beyond static PDFs to interactive learning materials with embedded software.
  • ArrPhd (talk) I am a postdoc with the PhET Interactive Simulations project
  • Mark f. christopher (talk)I am from Australia and work as a library manager at University of Technology Sydney.
  • Miguelpereiraite (talk) I'am teacher in a spanish secundary school. Nowadays working at the Spanish National Center for Currricular Development with non Privative Systems (CeDeC)[3]. We create OER's for all the spanish primary and secundary schools. We work with eXe Learning [4]
  • Anna Daniel (talk) Creative Commons Analyst.
  • Greg G (talk) CC employee, FLOSS user/advocate, etc (see my userpage)
  • MaryJane47 (talk) Interested in learning new things! I work at a public community college and hope to bring some of this back to the faculty here.
  • Andre.Spang (talk) Educator, Pianist, iPad-Teacher, living in cologne, running a Wiki for my school and an own wiki. Interested in OER.
  • Fabrizio Terzi Inventor, Designer, Translator Student: I spent my past ten years traveling the world as a bartender and pianist in the hospitality industry. I am involved in social and educational projects related to public access to knowledge and cultural diversity. I am an active member of Software Fondation and Co-founder of the Free Technology Academy FTG working on Free/Open Culture. My Personal Learning Network (PNL) is base on Paragogy Peeragogy educational theories that come out of the "Educational Paradigm" thanks "peer-learning. Peeragogy in Action G+ Community
  • Anke.Heyen (talk) Educator, journalist, living in Cologne, writing blogs with my students.
  • (talk)eushir
  • Llightningg (talk)Llightningg My name is Hugh Foster. I live in Coastal British Columbia, Canada and I am outdoor enthusiast, amateur naturalist, health and safety advocate, and a student of life long learning.
  • Sjgknight (talk) interested in learning analytics and online education, philosophy of education (particularly epistemological issues, and the epistemic role of technologies in learning), and psychology of education. Most edits on the Massive open online course and Learning analytics pages at the moment.
  • Mongoletsi (talk) I'm Paul Madley from Jorum at Manchester University. I'm helping develop the JISC-funded OER resource based on Dspace. Previously based at Salford University in an ODL development role. I've many, many Wiki edits and am a staunch defender in the face of spurious misconceptions.
  • pdpinch (talk) Hi. I'm Peter Pinch and I'm the Production Manager at MIT OpenCourseWare (as of 2012). I am also taking the WikiSOO course, in an effort to immerse myself in open culture. I'm interested in the use of (online) media in education, and issues around searching and finding resources online. At MIT, we've also had a (slow-moving) effort to add MIT OCW media to Wikipedia articles.
  • Nafpaktitism (talk) I'm Margarita Nafpaktitis, a librarian and advocate of open access. I'm another WikiSOO student, and in addition to my interests in OA (and OER), I also hope to contribute to articles on 20th-century Russian literature and culture.
  • Denvergreene (talk) denvergreene I am a content developer at Connexions helping to upload content from writers to the Connexions platform.
  • Beckpitt (talk) I'm Beck Pitt, a researcher on the OER Research Hub Project at The Open University (UK)
  • EbbaOssiannilsson (talk) I am Ebba Ossiannilsson, working at Lund University in Sweden. I work with a variety of national and interantional projcts on OER,but also MOOCs, and opening up education. I am in the board o EFQUEL and EDEN-NAP amd also a head revier for UNIQUe, ECB check and epprobate. @EbbaOssianEbbaOssiannilsson (talk) 14:13, 9 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Adriangarcia.ux (talk) I'm Adrian Garcia, and I look forward to making many wikipedia edits.
  • Dfharris02 (talk) I am the editor in chief for Connexions and OpenStax College.
  • Reedstrm (talk) I'm Ross Reedstrom, Research Scientist and Systems Admistrator with Connexions.
  • Christine Bush (talk): I worked on the OER article during the March/April 2013 WikiSOO course. I'm interested in open educational resources as objects of study and research platforms for observing user contributions and interactions as sources of postmodern discourse. I live and work in Silicon Valley as an independent writer, researcher, and information developer.
  • Redwellie14 (talk) I am an educator who works in independent high schools. I create and use open educational resources and am currently building OER literature, writing, and history of technology classes.
  • Billy Meinke I studied educational technology at the University of Hawaii, and now work at Creative Commons on education and global network projects.
  • John Vandenberg, involved in OER projects in Australia and Indonesia
  • Clem. Studied Online and Distance Education with the OU (UK). Worked on the Open Educational Practices article for WIKISOO Q2.
  • Ozhu (talk). Working through WIKISOO R3. I'm generally interested in free software, open source, Creative Commons, and MOOCs.
  • CommOERChip, Project Gofer. I convert Blackboard collaborate sessions into Wikipedia and YouTube uploadable formats and help out with other minor tasks.
  • Commons sibi (talk)I believe knowledge should be free . Even with knowledge availability , the lack of accessibility still eludes many , want to bridge that.
  • Litjade (talk). I'm in Round 3 of WP:WIKISOO and cultivating an interest in the OER movement beyond formal education settings.
  • OR drohowa I'm WiR at the Metropolitan New York Library Council currently.
  • Researcherguy. I've been a university librarian since 1979 and have taught as an adjunct in a library school. Some of these courses had an historical focus. Currently enrolled in WikiSOO 2014.

Please add yourself to the list above.