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Many of you will not know me, and I've not been part of the initial team running the group (although I think that makes little difference, as initially the group contained so few members that the notion of a Chairman etc. was of little import).

I feel I would add greatly to the leadership and direction of the organisation. I have lots of outside experience of chairing meetings (indeed last year I chaired a meeting of many hundreds of people at the UN). I feel that these skills, and those of mediation (I am currently nominated for the Mediation Committee) would add tremendous value to both this organisation, and in particular the role of Chairman.

I appreciate that many of you will not know me that well, so I am very happy to chat to you about my views of this organisation's role in Wikipedia. You may contact me either on my talk page, via e-mail or on MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, or on IRC (let me know what medium you would like to use and I'll supply you with the relevant contact details).

I look forward to discussing issues with you in a nice, CIVIL, manner!