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The WikiProject Video games collaboration is a collective effort to improve related articles covered by the project's scope. An article is chosen every Month, by a bot that randomly selects one video game-related article that is rated Stub or Start or C class, and Top or High importance for WP:VG. The bot then updates Template:Collab-gaming with the pick, and the collaboration begins. If there is consensus that a selected article is not felt to be suitable for collaboration, then the bot will be requested to "re-roll" and select a different article. Articles that have previously been chosen for collaboration will not be chosen again. Previous collaborations can be found at /History.

The aim of this collaboration is to get these articles to B class or higher, but the goal is simply improvement. If the article has been noticeably improved during this time, then the effort has been successful. Anyone is welcome to participate, although we recommend that editors read the Manual of Style and check up on WikiProject Video games' own guidelines on editing video-game-related articles beforehand.

To see previous collaboration projects, see Gaming Collaboration of the Week, Workshop and Improvement Drive.

To see the criteria by which video games are rated, see the quality scale.