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Wikipedia:Consistency and WP:Consistency resolve to this page. You may be looking for:

  • The WP:CONSISTENCY criterion of the article titles policy, on using titles that are consistent from article to article
  • The WP:ARTCON (MOS:ARTCON) guideline on English-language consistency within an article (and the related MOS:ENGVAR guideline on how to decide what dialect to use)
  • The WP:DATEVAR (MOS:DATEVAR) guideline on using a consistent date format within an article
  • The WP:CITEVAR guideline on using a consistent citation format within an article
  • The WP:TITLECON essay gathering examples of policies and practices in determining article titles
  • Wikipedia:Emerson, an essay on the misuse of that writer's famous quotation about consistency
  • Wikipedia:Consistency proposal, a failed 2006 proposal for a consistency guideline (formerly at Wikipedia:Consistency)