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If you were sent here with a message to "Contact OTRS", please contact our Volunteer Response Team by selecting the correct email address from the list below.

  • — handles authorizations to post copyrighted material. Please e-mail them the form at Wikipedia:CONSENT if you are granting permission to reuse media that you own.
  • — handles issues regarding an article that is written about you or a group you are affiliated with
  • — handles all other general inquiries sent in the English language, including most copyright issues.

Please note that established users have little need to contact the info-en team, as it cannot intervene in general content enquiries. Established users should be aware of the various on-wiki processes that handle article problems; please use those instead, as the queues can become heavily backlogged.

Using this page[edit]

If you need to tell someone to "Contact OTRS" do not link to WP:OTRS, WP:VRT, or WP:CONTACT since those pages are utterly unhelpful for a new user, and hide the e-mail addresses under a maze of pages. Instead link them here where they can quickly get the contact information without being forced through a Kafkaesque maze and dozens of pages of irrelevant material.