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The English Wikipedia community has restricted article creation by the WMF's semi-automatic content translation tool to extended confirmed users.[1] This access is automatically applied to editors who have been registered for at least 30 days and have made at least 500 edits to the English Wikipedia.

English Wikipedia restrictions[edit]

The community previously suspended all article submissions created by the tool by users with fewer than 5000 edits.[2]. Due to a configuration error, this tool, since at least 2015-12-11[3] and until 2016-07-26,[4] was using machine translation from the source language to English. The user was then expected to check and fix the translation before publication. Unfortunately, a high proportion of these articles are considered unacceptable by English Wikipedia's standards. Estimates are that before machine translation was turned off 95% of articles created with this tool were unacceptable without significant additional work.[2] Additionally, other issues with the tool, such as poor markup and mangled references are common.

In 2016, the community talked about developing a process whereby trusted editors would be able to gain access to this tool.[5] We also intend to develop a venue where less experienced editors can submit translations for evaluation before being published in the main namespace. Please bear with us during this development period.

Use of the content translation tool to translate from the English Wikipedia into different languages remains unaffected.

Why machine translation is disabled in content translation[edit]

Raw or lightly edited machine translations have long been considered by the English Wikipedia community to be worse than nothing.[6] See the translation policy for more information. Articles translated without adaptations often are unsourced or badly sourced, which violates our verifiability policy. Unedited machine translations are also often so poor as to distort the intended meaning, for example by missing a negation in a sentence: to clean up the output into acceptable prose, a human sufficiently fluent in English is needed who understands the source language well enough to be sure that the meaning has not been scrambled or distorted. Other policies on the English Wikipedia, such as notability, cannot be checked automatically either and need a human familiar with English Wikipedia's version of the applicable policies to know if your translated article is acceptable.

Pages created prior to 27 July 2016 may be evaluated for speedy deletion under temporary criterion WP:X2.


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