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The Continent Task Force is a Wikipedia task force dedicated to improving articles, categories and other content related to continents. We provide guidelines for the standardisation of continent content across the whole of the English Wikipedia.


Continent categories and lists[edit]

For the purposes of categories and lists about continents, the continents are as follows:


The boundaries of the continents are debatable but, for the sake of consistency, our boundaries are as follows:

Lists of sovereign states and dependent territories[edit]

Every continent, except Antarctica, should have a list of sovereign states and dependent territories. The title of the article should be "List of sovereign states and dependent territories in FOO". The article should have the following headings (plus more if necessary):

  • Sovereign states
    • Recognised sovereign states
    • Partially recognised sovereign states
    • Unrecognised sovereign states
  • Dependent territories
  • See also
  • Notes (if necessary)
  • References
  • External links (optional)

For a sovereign state to be "recognised", it must be recognised as a a sovereign state by the United Nations (UN), usually being a member of the UN. For a sovereign state to be "partially recognised", it must be recognised by a UN member state. "Unrecognised" sovereign states are not recognised by any UN member states.

The article should transclude the following navboxes (if they exist) after the "External links" section:


Per WP:ENGVAR, the variety of English used should be standard within each page. For articles about whole continents, use the following varieties of English:



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Other members

To join the Continent Task Force, sign your name (add #~~~~) at the bottom of the list.

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