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JohnTeam/Welcome/Help out}}

welcome to Wikipedia
the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia is all about contributing.
Our articles are never finished. We need your contributions.

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Wikipedia articles are not perfect. We can find articles needing improvement in certain areas and "tag" them with a notice. A good place to start is simply fixing these simple problems, which could be everything from fixing spelling to expanding an article. When you believe you have improved an article, remove the tag that used to point out a problem.

These articles are too short and need more information. You can find more information by looking in Google News Search and Google Books search, and you can then expand the article using your own words (do not copy directly from a book or website unless you are quoting it!). Remove the {{expand}} tag after you have expanded an article.
These articles need someone to fix spelling and grammar errors. Remove the {{copyedit}} tag after you have gone through the entire article and corrected spelling/grammar mistakes.
These pages have capitalization issues.
These articles just need to be organized with sections. Divide the information up into sections rather than one big chunk of text. Remove the {{sections}} tag after you have improved the layout of the article.
These articles need more links to other Wikipedia articles and formatting, like section headers, infoboxes, and the bolding/italicizing of text. Be sure to remove the {{wikify}} tag after you have wikified an article.
These articles are out of date and need to be brought up to date. Make sure you reference all your additions so we can verify they are true—newspapers (online or otherwise) are great for this. When you're done, remove the {{update}} tag.

Want to go further? There are plenty of backlogs available in our listing of all Wikipedia backlogs.