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Bank Persatuan[edit]

opbank->upbank? (sound) context: ~~~ Co-opbank
opbank Pertama (CBP) was originally established and officially registered as a cooperative company on 7 June 1950, under the Cooperative Company Ordinance (1 ~~~


opportunit->opportunity? (omit) context: ~~~ phere: spiritual opportunit
opportunit 2001 : Rome. - concluded with the merger with OCIC into SIGNIS.===Catholics and the Press==={{main|Catholics and the Press}}In the 19th century Cathol ~~~


opportunityy->opportunity? (double) context: ~~~ ere: spiritual opportunityy
opportunityy 2001 : Rome : World Congress of OCIC and Unda - mergering into SIGNIS.===Catholics and Radio and Television===Catholic radio producers had realized by ~~~

Tangut numerals[edit]

orinary->ordinary? (omit) context: ~~~ acters used to write orinary
orinary [[cardinal number]]s are listed below. There are two different words for "ten": {{Tangut|𗰗}} *gha is the normal word, but {{Tangut|𗰭}} ~~~

Art and culture of Manipur[edit]

orinated->ordinated? (omit) context: ~~~ orm of [[theater]], orinated
orinated in the state. It is a four open air form, with a 13×13 sq. ft. of area.== Literature ==Meitei literature has its earliest roots of existence dating b ~~~

Mangala Samaraweera[edit]

pakaya->pacaya? (sound) context: ~~~ Mangala Samaraweera pakaya
pakaya is the son of [[Mahanama Samaraweera]], who was a Cabinet Minister of Local Government,While also being a weesige putha Housing,Communications,Posts a ~~~

The Ghost (1963 film)[edit]

paralizing->paralyzing? (sound) context: ~~~ ch is now quickly paralizing
paralizing her. Hichcock then shoots Catherine, his accomplice, in the back and makes Margaret touch the gun to incriminate her. Finally, the glass of gin Margar ~~~

Shahin Dezh[edit]

particluar->particular? (switch) context: ~~~ re [[muslim]]. In particluar,
particluar, [[Azeri]] Turks and [[:fa:ایل_چهاردولی|chaahaar-dowli]] are [[Shia]] [[muslim]], and [[Kurds]] are [[Sunni]] [[muslim]].==References=={{re ~~~

Performance and modelling of AC transmission[edit]

patameter->pantameter? (omit) context: ~~~ derivation of ABCD patameter
patameter values====The application of KCL at the juncture(the neutral point for Y connection) gives,<math>V_J = \frac{V_S - V_J}{\frac{Z}{2}} = YV_J + \f ~~~

Orders, decorations, and medals of Romania[edit]

patrimoniu->patrimonium? (omit) context: ~~~ : categoria E - patrimoniu
patrimoniu cultural naţional — category E - national cultural patrimony: categoria F - promovarea culturii — category F - promoting of culture: categoria G ~~~

Milwaukee Police Band[edit]

perfomed->perfumed? (sound) context: ~~~ ukee Auditorium. It perfomed
perfomed again with the band in mid-November 1923, during which Sousa presented the band with an [[American flag]] that included with streamers with Sousa's na ~~~


pesent->penest? (switch2) context: ~~~ e full time service a pesent
pesent are a emergency service available here 108 ambulance using all time =={{Reflist}}{{coord|22|31|N|70|13|E|display=title|region:IN_type:city_source:GNS- ~~~

Poison (Wooding novel)[edit]

phaeries->faeries? (sound) context: ~~~ of the old wars and phaeries
phaeries and maintains that Poison has some of the “Old Blood” in her. On Soulswatch Eve, Poison’s baby sister is taken and replaced with a Changeling. A ~~~

Sigmund Freud[edit]

phantasised->fantasised? (sound) context: ~~~ ed threat of (or phantasised
phantasised fact of, in the case of the girl) castration.<ref>Gay 2006, pp. 515–18</ref> The "dissolution" of the Oedipus complex is then ~~~

List of stick insects and mantids of Australia[edit]

phasmaid->phasmatid? (omit) context: ~~~ * Tesselated phasmaid,
phasmaid, ''[[Anchiale austrotessulata]]''* Purple-winged mantis, ''[[Tenodera australasiae]]''==References==*{{cite web|url= ~~~

West Orange, New Jersey[edit]

phatry->phratry? (omit) context: ~~~ The Hackensack were a phatry
phatry of the Unami tribe of the [[Lenape|Leni Lenape]]. In their language, "Leni Lenape" means, "[ ~~~

1785 in Russia[edit]

philanthopist->philanthropist? (omit) context: ~~~ - noblewoman, philanthopist
philanthopist * [[Konstantin von Benckendorff]] - diplomat and general* [[Hans Karl von Diebitsch]] - general==Deaths==* [[Praskovya Bruce]] - lady-in-waiting and c ~~~

Skeletal formula[edit]

phthalimid->phthalimide? (omit) context: ~~~ *NPhth for the phthalimid-
phthalimid-1-yl group===Sulfonyl/sulfonate groups===Sulfonate esters are often [[Leaving group|leaving groups]] in nucleophilic substitution reactions. ''See th ~~~

Kampung Padang Balang[edit]

poitical->poetical? (sound) context: ~~~ in influencing many poitical
poitical leader from all side of party. This move however only delayed the finalization of Kuala Lumpur Plan 2020 draft to 2012. Despite this, he Barisan Nasio ~~~

Lembus people[edit]

pokor->poker? (shape) context: ~~~ , Lembus Somek kakimor,pokor-
pokor-keben and Ogiekab Lembus.{{fact|date=December 2018}}The Lembus People are perceived to be closely related to the [[Tugen people|Tugen]], but this asse ~~~

Lyon Observatory[edit]

polychomatic->polychromatic? (omit) context: ~~~ y has worked on polychomatic
polychomatic artificial stars for [[Adaptive optics|adaptive optics systems]], made by a laser.<ref>{{Cite book|url= ~~~


pompie->pompier? (omit) context: ~~~ * Our lady of pompie
pompie english medium school*Bethany English Medium School*== Temples, mosques and churches ==* Jamia Masjid (Kaikamba City)* Shree Doomavathi Daivastana Bai ~~~


portofolio->portfolio? (adjacent) context: ~~~ 019, GETT'S has a portofolio
portofolio of 4 brands: GETT’S Hair Studio, GETT’S Color Bar , GETT'S Men, GETT’S Men Exclusive.<ref> ~~~

Church of Saint Sava[edit]

posesses->poseses? (adjacent) context: ~~~ d that the building posesses
posesses an incredible pure an dignified interior. With its large dome and with its four apses it has a unified and well-developed, profound and dense space wh ~~~

Art Nouveau in Paris[edit]

posteer->poster? (double) context: ~~~ ing with a memorable posteer
posteer for her starring role as [[Gismonda]] in 1895, Mucha also designed sets and costumes for Bernhardt, as well as jewelry. Bernhardt herself recognized ~~~

Notary public (United States)[edit]

pprobate->approbate? (omit) context: ~~~ s available on most pprobate
pprobate courts websites. A notary public must witness the couple's signatures and affix their seal to said document to make it legal. A minister may still per ~~~

Orthogonal group[edit]

precicely->precisely? (sound) context: ~~~ More precicely,
precicely, [[Witt's decomposition theorem]] asserts that (in characteristic different from two) every vector space equipped with a non-degenerate quadratic form ~~~

Fangio Buyse[edit]

prelimenary->preliminary? (sound) context: ~~~ **Europaleague prelimenary
prelimenary round**as coach:*Cypriot second division runner-up 2012–13 and promotion [[AEK Kouklia F.C.]]*Qualified to participate in the second preliminary rou ~~~

Hellfire Club (disambiguation)[edit]

premire->premier? (switch) context: ~~~ e Club, the season 4 premire
premire episode of the Netflix web television series ''[[Stranger Things]]''{{disambig}}</text> <sha1>qt3jdihz1ady2g7aag3pxbv4ny5ov22</sha1> </revisio ~~~

Anandpur Sahib[edit]

prestigiou->prestigious? (omit) context: ~~~ s one of the most prestigiou
prestigiou colleges in the District. The college was established in the year 1977. this college has established a brilliant record of academics, excellence and r ~~~

Kiratpur Sahib[edit]

prestigiou->prestigious? (omit) context: ~~~ s one of the most prestigiou
prestigiou school in the District. this school has established a brilliant record of academics, and remarkable achievements in sports and culture. ==Shree Bhatuk ~~~

Ruth Buendía[edit]

pretaining->pertaining? (switch) context: ~~~ g the Asháninkas pretaining
pretaining to CARE also known by her father, who then invited her to participate as a volunteer. In 2003 she began her involvement preparing and delivering docum ~~~


prevously->previously? (omit) context: ~~~ finengo]], who had prevously
prevously worked with [[Alejandro Sanz]], [[Ana Belén]], [[Ketama]], Malú and [[Armando Manzanero]].<ref name="Melody: Melodía">{{cite web|ur ~~~

Ferdinand Franz Wallraf[edit]

priesst->priest? (double) context: ~~~ ore being ordained a priesst
priesst on 9 December 1772 by [[Karl Aloys von Königsegg-Aulendorf]], Bishop of Cologne. From 1776 onwards his friend professor [[Johann Georg Menn]] funded ~~~

List of countries by cremation rate[edit]

primarly->primarily? (omit) context: ~~~ ladivostok in 1917, primarly
primarly for the cremations of Japanese people, who had a big population in this city. Later, the Donskoy crematorium was built in Moscow in 1927, and remained ~~~

Montesano sulla Marcellana[edit]

primarly->primarily? (omit) context: ~~~ Economy is primarly
primarly based on agriculture and handicraft. Livestock farming allows the production of meat and milk. In the town, there is also a factory for bottling of mi ~~~

Ludovikus Simanullang[edit]

prinicpal->principal? (switch) context: ~~~ s consecrator. The prinicpal
prinicpal co-consecrators were [[Martinus Dogma Situmorang]] O.F.M. Cap. then [[Roman Catholic Diocese of Padang|bishop of Padang]], and [[Anicetus Bongsu Anton ~~~

Sydney Ferries[edit]

procurred->procured? (double) context: ~~~ the takeovers, it procurred
procurred 25 large ferries - mostly of the type known as the [[Sydney K-class ferry|K-class]] - on its own accord. After the [[Sydney Harbour Bridge]] opened in ~~~

Until We Have Faces[edit]

prodcuer->producer? (switch) context: ~~~ – producer, drum prodcuer,
prodcuer, [[audio engineer|engineer]]* Jason McArthur – executive producer* [[Jasen Rauch]] – engineer, drum prodcuer, ~~~

Until We Have Faces[edit]

prodcuer->producer? (switch) context: ~~~ – engineer, drum prodcuer,
prodcuer, additional production* [[Ben Grosse]] – mixing* Paul Pavao – mixing assistant* Tom Baker – mastering at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles* Para ~~~

Salinas, Minas Gerais[edit]

produciton->production? (switch) context: ~~~ the [[cachaça]] produciton.
produciton.==Important facts and Distances==[[Image:CachacaJava.jpg|thumb|150px|right|A bottle of ''[[Cachaça]] Java'', produced in '''Salinas'''.]]The elevatio ~~~

Vincenzo Italiano[edit]

profesionally->professionally? (omit) context: ~~~ o never played profesionally
profesionally in Germany, instead playing his full career in Italian football. He was a versatile [[midfielder]], known for his tackling and passing. He played for ~~~

Jonathan Stark (basketball)[edit]

professionla->professional? (switch) context: ~~~ Stark made his professionla
professionla debut in the summer league. He played 5 games with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He averaged 8.2 point per game with a steal per game and 1.8 assist. Jo ~~~

Mukesh Jadhav[edit]

proffessionally->professionally? (double) context: ~~~ esh has also proffessionally
proffessionally trained actors like - [[Preity Zinta]], [[Vivek Oberoi]], [[Shreyas Talpade]] and [[Vidyut Jamwal]]. In 2011 he received the Star Pravah Gurudakshin ~~~

Mix 106.3[edit]

progammed->programmed? (omit) context: ~~~ Primarily locally progammed,
progammed, some networked content is sourced via the Southern Cross Austereo-owned [[Triple M Network]].Kristen and Nige for breakfast started in 2018, with exi ~~~

ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management[edit]

progammes->programmes? (omit) context: ~~~ Undergraduate progammes
progammes include a three-year Bachelor in International Management, available in English or French.<ref>{{Cite web|url= ~~~

Leigh Academy Blackheath[edit]

programmme->programme? (adjacent) context: ~~~ e]] (Middle years programmme)
programmme) in its two year [[Key stage 3 ]] phase. It is proposing to offer the L, A and B pathways. In common with all Leigh Acacemies Trust IB schools, and sc ~~~

Spring in a Small Town[edit]

progrresses->progresses? (double) context: ~~~ yan. As the film progrresses,
progrresses, Liyan and Xiu begin to suspect that Zhichen and Yuwen are beginning to have strong feelings for one another.During a celebratory night, Zhichen, Liya ~~~


promotte->promote? (double) context: ~~~ n II documents that promotte
promotte ecumenism, such as ''[[Nostra aetate]]'' and ''[[Unitatis redintegratio]]''. Catholic opponents to ecumenism often cite preceding papal documents such ~~~

Sylheti language[edit]

pronunciaiton->pronunciation? (switch) context: ~~~ nguages, given pronunciaiton
pronunciaiton differences.<ref name=Ethnologue/><ref>Chalmers (1996)</ref>==Name of the language==Sylheti is the common [[English spelling]] of th ~~~

Propaganda in Japan during the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II[edit]

propaganists->propagandists? (omit) context: ~~~ instructions to propaganists
propaganists called for rousing "the spirit of the Far East" and inspiring them with militarism to fight beside the Japanese.<ref name="psyop&quo ~~~

Boeing Lunar Lander[edit]

propsal->proposal? (omit) context: ~~~ This is a propsal
propsal for the design of a lunar lander and lunar orbit spacecraft that would use the [[Space Launch System]] (SLS rocket) being developed by NASA.<ref&gt ~~~

Nicholas U. Mayall Telescope[edit]

propsed->proposed? (omit) context: ~~~ r telescopes, Mayall propsed
propsed an even larger 150-inch mirror telescope for Kitt Peak.<ref name="Leverington 2017">{{Cite book|url= ~~~

Altare della Patria[edit]

propylae->propylaea? (omit) context: ~~~ between two lateral propylae.
propylae.<ref name=Coppola2005 /> The entrance stairway is {{convert|41|m|ft|0|abbr=on}} meters wide and {{convert|34|m|ft|0|abbr=on}} meters long, the t ~~~

Tomáš Berdych[edit]

prostock->prestock? (shape) context: ~~~ MP paintjob with a prostock
prostock TGK260.2 Radical MP 16x19 underneath. He used both the Graphene XT Instinct MP and the Graphene Instinct MP paintjob from the 2013 season on.<ref&g ~~~

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro[edit]

protuding->protruding? (omit) context: ~~~ es are housed in a protuding
protuding camera module, while the other two are flush with the glass panel. Internally, the device uses the Snapdragon 730 processor with the Adreno 618 GPU. I ~~~

Kangaroo Point, Queensland[edit]

provded->proved? (adjacent) context: ~~~ shingle roof on land provded
provded by James Toohey. In 1879 the [[Sisters of Mercy]] took over the operation of the school, following a dispute between MacKillop and the [[Roman Catholi ~~~

Tertia (actress)[edit]

provoced->provoked? (sound) context: ~~~ nst Verres. Verres provoced
provoced public moral by showing himself openly with Tertia in public, allowing her to act as his hostess during public functions and introducing her to local ~~~

Timeline of the war in Donbass (May 2017)[edit]

prpelled->propelled? (omit) context: ~~~ e was hit by rocket prpelled
prpelled grenades, 82 mm mortars and 122 mm self-propelled artillery. Ukrainian forces at Novotoshkivke received sniper fire and rocket prope ~~~


prresence->presence? (double) context: ~~~ he devotees in the prresence
prresence of Sri C.H. Jaganadha das and the family of swamy held prestigiously. For these worshippings people came from Andhra Ka ~~~


pseudony->pseudonym? (omit) context: ~~~ abi began using the pseudony
pseudony Xatar, the Kurdish term for "danger", to rap and produce beats in the recording room of a youth center.<ref name="Juice-2013"&g ~~~


pseudotrachae->pseudotrachea? (switch) context: ~~~ s within it as pseudotrachae.
pseudotrachae. This mode of life may not have been physiologically possible, however, since water pressure would have forced water into the invaginations leading to ~~~

Bayonne, New Jersey[edit]

psoition->position? (switch) context: ~~~ eresigned to take a psoition
psoition as the city's DPW director; at age 27, Carroll became the youngest councilmember in city history.<ref>Heinis, John. [ ~~~

Italy national men's ice hockey team[edit]

psositions->positions? (adjacent) context: ~~~ e Campanaro - all psositions<
psositions</text> <sha1>mlkue9x7ksqvatvk9d4q5j3al74ethv</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>Badarri</title> <ns>0</ns> <id>20954789</id> ~~~

DC Books[edit]

publised->published? (omit) context: ~~~ In 2004 DC Books publised
publised a translated version of Britannica Concise Encyclopædia into Malayalam in the name Britannica Malayalam Encyclopedia.<ref name="hindu"& ~~~

John Clavell Mansel-Pleydell[edit]

publised->published? (omit) context: ~~~ rkinson Curtis, who publised
publised about the ringed plover, and for Ernest W. Short, who published on "electricity as applied to household purposes." Since then more then 200 ~~~

Kolkata Suburban Railway[edit]

publlished->published? (double) context: ~~~ ern Railways have publlished
publlished statistics on passenger services.<ref>[ ~~~

Cinema of Mexico[edit]

pularity->polarity? (sound) context: ~~~ to accommodate the pularity
pularity of cinema in [[Mexico City]]. ''Carpas'', or tent shows, were popular beginning in 1911 where lower-class citizens would perform picaresque humor and ~~~

M. A. Zaher[edit]

pulblications->publications? (adjacent) context: ~~~ ==Selected pulblications=
pulblications==* Zaher, M. A. (1963). ''Peat deposit of Kola Moza, Khulna, East Pakistan''<ref name=a>{{cite web|url= ~~~

Lear Corporation[edit]

purdent->prudent? (switch) context: ~~~ ==Lear purdent
purdent with [[PACE_AWARD]]==In 2012, [[Automotive News]] awarded Lear a [[PACE_Award|Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence]] (PACE) Award ~~~


purhcased->purchased? (switch) context: ~~~ s a year. Kallonen purhcased
purhcased new plastic machines and expanded the factory around his home in Lohja several times.<ref name="IS04032019"/>In the mid-1960's, archit ~~~

L202 railway (Croatia)[edit]

purposses->purposes? (adjacent) context: ~~~ vely for passenger purposses.
purposses. Two halts on the corridor, Donja Stubica and Oroslavje,have an additional station track made for cargo/load manipulations, although these tracks are ~~~

The Affairs of Dobie Gillis[edit]

pursuig->pursuing? (omit) context: ~~~ ansy, and Charlie is pursuig
pursuig Lorna. Pansy is studious, and is encouraged by her father George ([[Hanley Stafford]]) to "learn learn learn" and "work work work,&quot ~~~

Snow day (disambiguation)[edit]

puzzeled->puzzled? (adjacent) context: ~~~ k and that they are puzzeled
puzzeled 1-9 days after. To help with stress and symptoms : tutor, private session with teacher. It is your choice if you want your child to be behind or to ha ~~~

Guriel District[edit]

qaydar->gaydar? (shape) context: ~~~ * qaydar
qaydar * ribadle ~~~

Italian units of measurement[edit]

quadrao->quadrae? (shape) context: ~~~ 1 giornata (a.k.a. quadrao)
quadrao) = 38 are {{sfn|Washburn|1926|p=8}}<br>1 tavola = {{frac|1|100}} giornata {{sfn|Washburn|1926|p=8}}===Lombardy–Venetia===1 tornatura = 100 pal ~~~

I Love Luci[edit]

quailities->qualities? (adjacent) context: ~~~ py and endearing, quailities
quailities which sparked the idea that became the film.<ref name=":0">{{Cite web|url= ~~~

2019 ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier[edit]

qualifer->qualifier? (omit) context: ~~~ In the first qualifer
qualifer match in the playoffs, the Netherlands qualified for the T20 World Cup when they beat the United Arab Emirates by eight wickets, after the UAE only sc ~~~

2020 ICC Men's T20 World Cup[edit]

qualifer->qualifier? (omit) context: ~~~ In the first qualifer
qualifer match in the playoffs, the Netherlands qualified for the Men's T20 World Cup when they beat the United Arab Emirates by eight wickets, after the UAE o ~~~

Lorraine Martins[edit]

qualifiying->qualifying? (adjacent) context: ~~~ ave been a final qualifiying
qualifiying place in the heats.<ref>{{Cite web|url= ~~~

Alejandro Davidovich Fokina[edit]

quartefinals->quarterfinals? (omit) context: ~~~ he reached the quartefinals
quartefinals at Liuzhou Challenger and the semifinals at Shenzhen Challenger, also in Hard Courts.In 2019, Davidovich Fokina started the season playing the first r ~~~

Formosa Ha Tinh Steel[edit]

queching->quiching? (sound) context: ~~~ ation of a coke dry queching
queching system.<ref>{{citation| url = ~~~

Jill Freedman[edit]

quiping->quipping? (omit) context: ~~~ ensively in Ireland, quiping
quiping "I’m Jewish, but I adopted Ireland as my own old country".<ref name="weegeelens">{{cite news|last1=Koppel|first1=Niko|titl ~~~


radiolabbeled->radiolabeled? (double) context: ~~~ �-32P-ATP. The radiolabbeled
radiolabbeled phosphate of latter is incorporated into the protein which is isolated via [[SDS-PAGE]] and visualized on an autoradiograph of the gel. (See figure 3. ~~~

Vow of allegiance of the Professors of the German Universities and High-Schools to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialistic State[edit]

radiologst->radiologist? (omit) context: ~~~ enisch]] (Hamburg radiologst)
radiologst), [[Reinhard Haferkorn]] (Danzig Anglicist), [[Konstantin von Haffner]] (Hamburg zoologist), [[Jörgen Hansen]] (Kiel geographer), [[Karl Hansen (Päd ~~~

Asian Football Confederation[edit]

rankngs->rankings? (omit) context: ~~~ ===Men's elo rankngs=
rankngs===[[World Football Elo Rating|Elo Ranting]] are calculated by [[FIFA]].<ref>{{cite web |url=|title=World Football ~~~

Silvio Padoin[edit]

rdained->drained? (switch) context: ~~~ n April 1930 and was rdained
rdained to the priesthood in 1955. He served as bishop of the [[Roman Catholic Diocese of Pozzuoli]], Italy, from 1993 to 2005.<ref>[http://www.gcatholi ~~~

Bhoot Chaturdashi (film)[edit]

reaced->preaced? (omit) context: ~~~ way out they some how reaced
reaced Lakshmi's bari. This time they heard a children's laughing and mischievous sound. While Ena told them that Lakshmi might want to say something, soumen ~~~

Boogiepop and Others[edit]

reafirms->reaffirms? (omit) context: ~~~ eanwhile, Boogiepop reafirms
reafirms itself as a manifestation of the collective uncounscious from [[Carl Jung]], reason why it only chases those who choose a path that diverge with it an ~~~

Eliezer Joldan[edit]

realtives->relatives? (switch) context: ~~~ other realtives
realtives hoped him to join the then high ranking position of a ''Tehsildar''. However he went on to serve the society in the capacity of a teacher at the Gover ~~~


reatain->reattain? (omit) context: ~~~ ariation, the nachos reatain
reatain their cheese and often jalapenos, but are also topped with pulled smoked pork shoulder served with or without barbecue sauce or [[hot sauce]]. Traditi ~~~

Hot Rod Hundley[edit]

reboonds->rebounds? (sound) context: ~~~ 9 reboonds
reboonds against [[Villanova Wildcats men's basketball|Villanova]], 25 points & 10 rebounds against [[La Salle Explorers men's basketball|La Salle]], then ~~~

Suthirat Wongtewan[edit]

reccord->reaccord? (omit) context: ~~~ the jurisdiction of reccord
reccord label [[Krung Thai Music Audio]] in title ''Khor Pen Pra Ek Nai Hua Jai Ther'' ({{Lang-th|ขอเป็นพระเอกในหัวใจเ ~~~

Suthirat Wongtewan[edit]

reccored->rescored? (sound) context: ~~~ prasert, and he was reccored
reccored first album so under the jurisdiction of reccord ~~~

Golden-crowned manakin[edit]

reccovery->recovery? (double) context: ~~~ ==Discovery and reccovery=
reccovery==[[Helmut Sick]] described this species in 1959 based on a series of [[Biological specimen|specimen]]s collected a few years before near a small tribu ~~~

Super Puzzle Bobble 2[edit]

recepiton->reception? (switch) context: ~~~ ===Critical recepiton=
recepiton==={{Video game reviews<!-- Aggregators --> | MC = 73%<ref>{{cite web | title=''Super Bust-a-Move 2'' (PS2) reviews at | url ~~~

Super Puzzle Bobble[edit]

recepiton->reception? (switch) context: ~~~ ===Critical recepiton=
recepiton==={{Video game reviews<!-- Aggregators --> | GR = 60.75% <small>(GameCube)</small><ref name="BAM3000-GameCube-GR">{{ ~~~

Exposition Universelle (1900)[edit]

receration->recreation? (switch) context: ~~~ n was a miniature receration
receration of the [[Sidi Mahrez Mosque]] of [[Tunis]]. [[Algeria]], [[Senegal]], [[Dahomey]], [[Guinea]] and the other French African presented pavilions based ~~~

Beverly Marsh[edit]

recevied->received? (switch) context: ~~~ e 1990 miniseries]] recevied
recevied less critical acclaim.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title='It' delivers ~~~

Frank Corley[edit]

recoginsed->recognised? (switch) context: ~~~ Trust Queensland recoginsed
recoginsed the exhibition with the Gold award for Heritage Interpretation and Promotion, and the John Herbert Award.<ref>{{cite web |last1=National Trust o ~~~

Timeline of the war in Donbass (July 2017)[edit]

recoilles->recoilless? (omit) context: ~~~ mm antitank recoilles
recoilles rifles at Ukrainian positions around Shyrokyne. Small arms fire raked Ukrainian outposts at Bohdanivka.<ref>{{cite web|url=https://www.facebook. ~~~


reconctructed->reconstructed? (sound) context: ~~~ car which was reconctructed
reconctructed in 2018, also it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city taking visitors from the city center to mount Trebevic. <gallery mode=& ~~~

Nirayama Daikansho[edit]

recorrds->records? (double) context: ~~~ * Daiskansho recorrds
recorrds (33,663 items)* Printed Books (430 volumes)* Chinese/Japanese Books (3507 volumes)* Translated documents (366 items)* Foreign Books (144 volumes)* Cal ~~~

Sixth nerve palsy[edit]

rectii->recti? (double) context: ~~~ n - where the lateral rectii
rectii are more active - than on near fixation - where the medial recti are dominant. Abduction limitations which mimic VIth nerve palsy may result secondary ~~~

Itzik Ohanon[edit]

recurited->recruited? (switch) context: ~~~ Ohanon was recurited
recurited by [[Brad Soderberg]] to [[Saint Louis University]]<ref>[,7340,L-2356375,00.html "Ohanon scores 18 for Sai ~~~

Μ-recursive function[edit]

recusion->recursion? (omit) context: ~~~ anding of primitive recusion
recusion is best obtained when <math>k=0</math>, i.e. when there are no extra parameters; in this case, <math>\rho(g,h)(y) \;\; = \;\; \under ~~~

Sandy Martin (politician)[edit]

recyclng->recycling? (omit) context: ~~~ uffolk, raising the recyclng
recyclng rate in the county from approximately 14.5% to approximately 45% between 2001 and 2004. Martin led the Labour group on the County from 2009 to 2017. H ~~~

Esplanaden 6[edit]

reently->recently? (omit) context: ~~~ s Caspersen, who had reently
reently married Anna Dorothea Weilbach (1763-1841), purchased the property at Toldbodvej in 1783. Johannes Caspersen's father, Hans Caspersem, who was [[anc ~~~

Hi-Impact Planet[edit]

reestyler->freestyler? (omit) context: ~~~ surfing simulated reestyler,
reestyler, hoopla, Mexican fiesta, Samba balloon, dream machine, watermania, Rio train, Boeing 777 outperforming ride, ice rink, animatronics, including semi-l ~~~

Karmaphal Daata Shani[edit]

refelection->reflection? (adjacent) context: ~~~ sandhaya refelection
refelection ; yam- yami step / adoptive mother. SANDHAYA - surya former wife ; vishkarma daughter ; yam - yami real mother*[[Salil Ankola]] as [[Suryadev]] - god ~~~

Carolus Fernández de Velasco[edit]

referd->referda? (omit) context: ~~~ Sanderus referd
referd to him in a text.<ref>Le bibliophile belge (1845). / Van Dale, 1846</ref>==References=={{Reflist}}[[Category:Fernández de Velasco family] ~~~

Kazanskaya, Rostov Oblast[edit]

referd->referda? (omit) context: ~~~ at|Peter I]] Rigelman referd
referd to the village as being established in 1647. After the victory of Tsar [[Ivan the Terrible]] over the [[Kazan Khanate]], where the [[Cossacks]] played ~~~


referree->referee? (double) context: ~~~ ng]] (1983), Soccer referree
referree * [[Lucas van Hal]] (2006), Drummer.==References=={{reflist|30em}}==External links=={{commons category}}*[ Official websit ~~~

Augustus II the Strong[edit]

reffer->refer? (double) context: ~~~ out the children, but reffer
reffer about the amount of the nights, what he filled with his mistresses. Augustus officially recognised only a tiny fraction of that number as his [[Illegi ~~~


registerd->registered? (omit) context: ~~~ 908. Ole F. Bergan registerd
registerd 45 patents in his lifetime. Since 1913 the [[Norwegian armed forces]] are using backpacks from Bergans.==References=={{reflist}}==External links==*{{o ~~~

Sibanthracite Group[edit]

registerd->registered? (omit) context: ~~~ Sibanthracite PLC registerd
registerd in [[Cyprus]]. Its only shareholder is Alltech. More than 86% of Alltech shares are controlled by [[Dmitry Bosov]], Chairman of the Board of Direct ~~~

2013–14 FC Dinamo București season[edit]

registerred->registered? (double) context: ~~~ rd in a row, was registerred
registerred away from home, against Gaz Metan. Dinamo led 1-0, missed a penalty through Dragos Grigore, and was equalised in the dying seconds.The first win after ~~~

Brisbane Bandits[edit]

regualar->regular? (adjacent) context: ~~~ e Sox would end the regualar
regualar season with an identical 25 wins and 15 losses. A better head-to-head record (6-2) resulted in the Bandits claiming the 'Northeast' division Champions ~~~

Donington le Heath Manor House Museum[edit]

regulalry->regularly? (switch) context: ~~~ nd his family were regulalry
regulalry fined and excommunicated from the Church of England. While John himself had been imprisoned in the Tower of London under suspicion of involvement n th ~~~

Rotary snowplow[edit]

reigons->regions? (switch) context: ~~~ ntage in mountainous reigons,
reigons, where a high speed derailment could be disastrous. Many rotary plows are not self-propelled, so one or more [[locomotive]]s are coupled behind it to ~~~

8th Kentucky Infantry[edit]

reiment->regiment? (omit) context: ~~~ in [[Virginia]]. The reiment
reiment was paroled and the men allowed to make their way home on their own.==Battles and skirmishes of the 8th Kentucky Infantry Regiment ==- Fought on 13 Fe ~~~

Dutton Speedwords[edit]

reised->reisted? (omit) context: ~~~ Z. who promised a new reised
reised edition of Dutton's Speedwords. However, there is no record of a library holding the reissued publication by New Congress/Der Neue Kongress s.Z.==Time ~~~

Nazli Begum[edit]

reistant->resistant? (omit) context: ~~~ of Janjira remained reistant
reistant to her claims.<ref name=FreePressJournal/>In the 1920s she was president of the [[All-India Khilafat Committee]].<ref name="Mahan1999&qu ~~~

Foreign policy of the Richard Nixon administration[edit]

relaitonships->relationships? (switch) context: ~~~ ompared to the relaitonships
relaitonships of [[Woodrow Wilson]] and [[Edward M. House|Colonel House]], or [[Franklin D. Roosevelt]] and [[Harry Hopkins]].<ref>{{cite book|author=Robert S ~~~

Barranc de Gàfols[edit]

relatevely->relatively? (sound) context: ~~~ e First Iron Age, relatevely
relatevely complex rectangular and trapezoid buildings were planned, with the creation of at least 17 households and 3 streets. The structures were built with st ~~~

Presentational and representational acting[edit]

relationshp->relationship? (omit) context: ~~~ actor–audience relationshp|
relationshp|the actor and the audience]] that a performance can create.<ref name="semiotics">Elam , Keir. 1980. ''The Semiotics of Theatre and Dra ~~~

Nikola Tomić[edit]

relativelly->relatively? (double) context: ~~~ Channel remained relativelly
relativelly anonymous until 2011, and the only video from that period with significant viewcount was the ''Nyan Pig''. Tomić's YouTube channel started to be reco ~~~

Joey Dorsey[edit]

releagation->relegation? (adjacent) context: ~~~ n order to avoid releagation.
releagation.==Awards and accomplishments=====College career===* [[Conference USA]] All-Freshman Team: (2004–05)* Conference USA All-Tournament Team: (2006)* All ~~~

Coffee bag[edit]

releieve->relieve? (adjacent) context: ~~~ e been developed to releieve
releieve the pressure without letting atmosphere into the bags.<ref>{{cite thesis |type=MSc |last=Cowell |first=J. A. |date=2018 |title=One-way Degassing ~~~

Adyaksha in America[edit]

relesed->released? (omit) context: ~~~ g with the title was relesed
relesed on Ugadi festival. The film's teaser was released on 27 July 2019<ref>{{Cite web|url= ~~~

Vickers MBT[edit]

relfective->reflective? (switch) context: ~~~ coat of infra-red relfective
relfective paint; the mixing of the hot exhaust gases with the cooling air before discharge; and a new design of thermal sleeve.<ref name="Patrick Stephe ~~~

Yagyū Shume[edit]

reliabe->reliable? (omit) context: ~~~ The only reliabe
reliabe document about Shume's origin is『玉栄拾遺 written by Hagiwara Nobuyuki the retainer of Yagyū domain in 1753, mentioning that "According t ~~~

Drunk driving law by country[edit]

relicencing->relicensing? (sound) context: ~~~ years following relicencing,
relicencing, or for as long as the person is required to use an [[alcohol interlock]].*Alcohol interlocks must be imposed whenever a repeat drunk-driver is relice ~~~

Nevers Mumba[edit]

religgious->religious? (double) context: ~~~ in Chinsali,in a religgious
religgious home.He attended Hilcrest Technical High School and later trained as an instrumentalist. He founded evangelistic campaigns and ministries and once ser ~~~

Solomon Odunaiya Odutola[edit]

religino->religion? (switch) context: ~~~ of a disregard for religino
religino in education. Odutola was also involved in negotiations for a national church between Methodists, [[Church of Nigeria|Anglicans]] and Presbyterians, b ~~~

Spain–Trinidad and Tobago relations[edit]

relitions->relictions? (omit) context: ~~~ == Diplomatic relitions
relitions ==Spain and Trinidad and Tobago established diplomatic relations in 1976, although it was necessary to wait 40 years for the opening of a Spanish Emba ~~~

Taku Mayumura[edit]

relity->reality? (omit) context: ~~~ ntasic aspects of the relity,
relity, adjacent to the ordinary life are the essence of his fantasic stories.<ref name="ngsj-2">(ja) Nihon Gensō Sakka Jiten, p.649.</re ~~~

Sam Korankye Ankrah[edit]

reloacating->relocating? (adjacent) context: ~~~ ng to the church reloacating
reloacating to the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) canteen in 1994 and to its own property in November 2000. As at that time, the church membership had grown ~~~

Oliver Eaton Cromwell[edit]

reloacted->relocated? (switch) context: ~~~ til the 70's, then reloacted
reloacted to Interlaken, Switzerland.==Family and facts==* Stepson of [[Edward T. Stotesbury]]* Brother of [[Louise Cromwell Brooks]], and [[James H. R. Cromwel ~~~

Jean de Saint Cyr[edit]

relyng->relying? (omit) context: ~~~ death, Caroline began relyng
relyng on Swem as a social escort.<ref>{{cite news|title=Funeral of Henry A. Redfield Tomorrow|url= ~~~


remianing->remaining? (switch) context: ~~~ has been observed remianing
remianing still just below the surface but it prefers to hide beneath aquatic plants. Fertilisation is internal and, uniquely among the [[Poeciliinae]], the fem ~~~

Victorian Railways bogie guard's vans[edit]

reocded->recoded? (switch) context: ~~~ estored by 2011, and reocded
reocded ZVDY.<ref></ref>52 and 53 were both fitted with generator sets, to power Xtrapo ~~~

Megan Good[edit]

reocrd->record? (switch) context: ~~~ HIP. She owns the CAA reocrd
reocrd for ERA, including the national 2019 class ERA crown.<ref>{{web cite |url= ~~~

Brendan White[edit]

repalacement->replacement? (adjacent) context: ~~~ ]] as an injury repalacement
repalacement for [[Matt Acton]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=White signs as i ~~~

Lacock Abbey (monastery)[edit]

repared->prepared? (omit) context: ~~~ is very clene, well repared
repared and well ordered” and in 1536 the commissioners noted that the church, house and the buildings in general were “in very good astate”, and they a ~~~

List of Transformers: Energon characters[edit]

repared->prepared? (omit) context: ~~~ nicron for him to be repared.
repared. he then became mirage. instead of being an aircraft carreir he was downsized to a batlle ship.;Shockblast : Shockblast and Tidal Wave worked togethe ~~~


repealled->repealed? (double) context: ~~~ 18,the first to be repealled.
repealled.As of December 2018, all ‘Beatties’ currently trading are announced to be remaining open.== History ==[[File:Beatties Building, Wolverhampton.jpg| ~~~

Finite-valued logic[edit]

repectively->receptively? (switch2) context: ~~~ uage]] analyses, repectively.
repectively. Nuel Belnap and J. Michael Dunn developed a four-valued logic for computer applications in 1977.<ref>{{cite book| last=Gottwald| first=Siegfrie ~~~

Sam Mejías[edit]

repectively->receptively? (switch2) context: ~~~ ng .278 and .286 repectively.
repectively. He was released by the Reds after their 1981 season. <ref></ref>===Career===I ~~~

Telegraph code[edit]

repectively->receptively? (switch2) context: ~~~ ints 557 and 755 repectively
repectively were used, followed by the identification of the requesting and target stations.<ref>{{multiref|Holzmann & Pehrson, ch. 3|Edelcrantz, ch. 4} ~~~

Babel Proclamation[edit]

repelaed->repealed? (switch) context: ~~~ It was repelaed
repelaed on 4 December 1918.<ref>{{cite web|url= ~~~

Nafees Ahmad[edit]

repersented->represented? (switch) context: ~~~ . Since 2017, he repersented
repersented [[Gopalpur (Assembly constituency)|Gopalpur]] constituency as a member of Samajwadi Party. In [[Seventeenth Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh|17th ~~~

Chris Haskett[edit]

repertiore->repertoire? (switch) context: ~~~ y punk and reggae repertiore.
repertiore. The Enzymes recorded a number of sessions but never releases any.In 1982 he moved to Leeds to finish an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. While the ~~~

Old Man of Hoy[edit]

repeted->repeated? (omit) context: ~~~ and Dominik Grajner repeted
repeted this stunt and made B.A.S.E. jump from the top on 27 July 2019.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title= ~~~

Silviana Sfiringu[edit]

repeted->repeated? (omit) context: ~~~ , Silviana and Ioana repeted
repeted the historic moment, this time with Ioana taking the Gold and Silviana the silver medal.<ref>{{Cite web|url= ~~~


replaacing->replacing? (double) context: ~~~ as added in 2019, replaacing
replaacing [[Stålbucklan]].Several "spinoff"-variations were later developed, like [[cross-country skiing]]'s ''[[TV-skidan]]'' starting in 1965,<r ~~~

Spread of the Latin script[edit]

replcing->replacing? (omit) context: ~~~ cript of Kazakhstan replcing
replcing Cyrillic.This was motivated by pragmatic reasons: the government was wary to alienate the country's large Russian-speaking minority, and due to the ec ~~~

World Spay Day[edit]

reporductive->reproductive? (switch) context: ~~~ (female), it's reporductive
reporductive organs are removed making it unable to go into heat or become pregnant. When an animal is neutered (male) it loses it's testicals so that it cannot im ~~~

1919 in Catalonia[edit]

reppealed->repealed? (double) context: ~~~ f Catalonia, later reppealed
reppealed by the Spanish Cortes in Madrid.<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=El Projecte d'Esta ~~~

Semisimple representation[edit]

representaiton->representation? (switch) context: ~~~ al semisimple representaiton
representaiton ''V'', the numbers of simple representations up to isomorphisms appearing in the decomposition of ''V'' (1) are unique and (2) completely determine th ~~~

Harry Hill Bandholtz[edit]

requisiton->requisition? (omit) context: ~~~ he prohibition of requisiton
requisiton and prevented the factory from sacking.<ref>{{cite web |url= ~~~

Academic grading in Canada[edit]

requiste->requisite? (omit) context: ~~~ not having the pre-requiste
requiste or did not request the class upon registration. No mark is given.P: Pass: indicates that the student has achieved the bare minimum grade to pass the c ~~~

Allianz Tower[edit]

requries->requires? (switch) context: ~~~ ic issue. The tower requries
requries 4 giant supporting steel beams attached at the eleventh floor to prevent it from a collapse, due to a severe statics and engineering design defect dis ~~~

Puerto Ricans in the Vietnam War[edit]

resdied->resided? (switch) context: ~~~ land, only those who resdied
resdied in Puerto Rico. They were all members of the [[United States Army|Army]] with the exceptions of First Lieutenant Jose Hector Ortiz who was a member of ~~~

Andrew Saunders (disambiguation)[edit]

researcherr->researcher? (double) context: ~~~ glish author and researcherr
researcherr *[[Andy Saunders (rugby league)]] (born 1994), Australian rugby league footballer==See also==*[[Drew Saunders (disambiguation)]]{{hndis|Saunders, Andr ~~~

Leandro Benítez[edit]

resgined->resigned? (switch) context: ~~~ [[Lucas Bernardi]] resgined.
resgined.<ref>[ Leandro Be ~~~

Ignacio Solano[edit]

residencce->residence? (double) context: ~~~ * 2015: Private residencce
residencce in [[Morelia]], [[Mexico|México]]. 365 square meters.* 2015: Otoniel Junkyard in [[Alicante]], Spain. 67 square meters.* 2015: Smart building CSI Ide ~~~


resieds->reseeds? (sound) context: ~~~ ] was born and still resieds
resieds in this neighbourhood.==See also=={{Main quarters of Tehran}}{{coord|35.79162|N|51.45093|E|source:placeopedia|display=title}}[[Category:Neighbourhoods ~~~

Wavelet transform[edit]

resoultion->resolution? (switch) context: ~~~ hat the frequency resoultion
resoultion is decreasing for increasing frequencies while the temporal resolution increases. This consequence of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is not correc ~~~

Wasini Island[edit]

respectivily->respectively? (sound) context: ~~~ d probably, 18% respectivily.
respectivily.<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=Wasini Island travel {{!}} Kenya|last=Planet|first=Lonely|website=Lon ~~~

Anjajavy Forest[edit]

respectufl->respectful? (switch) context: ~~~ sustained action, respectufl
respectufl of [[biodiversity]]. Nurseries are carefully maintained around the Lodge. Varieties are chosen according to the soil and the reforestation objectives. ~~~

Death of Israa Ghrayeb[edit]

resperatory->respiratory? (sound) context: ~~~ lications in her resperatory
resperatory system caused by repeated beatings. Three family members charged. <ref>{{cite news |title=Palestinian District Attorney: Israa Ghrayeb died as a ~~~

Air waybill[edit]

responsbible->responsible? (adjacent) context: ~~~ per is the sole responsbible,
responsbible, since there will be no agent acting on behalf of the consignee for the relevant freight). When the shipper signs the AWB or issues the letter of inst ~~~

INTERFET logistics[edit]

responsility->responsiblity? (omit) context: ~~~ ready to assume responsility
responsility for East Timor.{{sfn|Breen|2015|p=133}}{{sfn|Müller|Hickman|2002|pp=114–115}}Wilkinson described the support of operations in East Timor as a logis ~~~

Avdo Jabučica[edit]

ressist->reassist? (omit) context: ~~~ ch were activated to ressist
ressist invading Austrian troops.<ref>{{harv|Imamović|1999|p=258}}: "Dva Krupova topa, zaostala od turske posade, bila su namjerno onesposobljena ~~~


restaruants->restaurants? (switch) context: ~~~ lever in running restaruants
restaruants all over Karnataka. Their outlets are called 'Keralapura Hindu Military Hotels'. 'Military' means non-vegetarian food is served. 'Hindu' means only ch ~~~

Barberton Greenstone Belt[edit]

restites->resites? (adjacent) context: ~~~ al source rocks and restites
restites for the TTG and GMS suites.Since HREEs and Eu are readily accommodated in [[garnet]] and [[plagioclase]], respectively, their depletion suggests the p ~~~

Multi-tip scanning tunneling microscopy[edit]

resulution->resolution? (sound) context: ~~~ s e.g., with high resulution
resulution [[electron microscopy]], it is difficult to access the electrical properties determined by the [[Doping (semiconductor)|doping]] profile along the nan ~~~

Operation Pennsylvania Square[edit]

resuting->resulting? (omit) context: ~~~ an RPG hit an M113 resuting
resuting in moderate damage. On 13 November an [[M551 Sheridan]] detonated a mine destroying the vehicle. On 20 November an [[M113 armored personnel carrier|M1 ~~~

Western Cave Conservancy[edit]

resutled->resulted? (switch) context: ~~~ e paloeclimate work resutled
resutled in an article delineating work between 66,000 and 21,000 years ago. The data was collected from several samples obtained with the landowner's permiss ~~~

Sterling Paper Group of Companies[edit]

retailling->retailing? (double) context: ~~~ hen it engaged in retailling.
retailling. In 1984 its first retail outlet in Carriedo, Sta. Cruz was established and later opened branches in [[Quezon City]] and [[Makati]]. Sterling is now k ~~~

Adiós muchachos (song)[edit]

retaind->retained? (omit) context: ~~~ corded by [[Milva]], retaind
retaind the original title words as well; the lyrics are intended to be sung by a female singer and they are the farwell of the performer to her friends befor ~~~

Sazova Park[edit]

retaurants->restaurants? (omit) context: ~~~ s. In addition to retaurants
retaurants and cafehouses, these are;# [[Eskişehir Zoo]] (sponsored by Eti Company)# [[Planetarium]] (sponsored by [[Sabancı Holding]])# Turkic science history ~~~

Brock Osweiler[edit]

reuiniting->reuniting? (adjacent) context: ~~~ Miami Dolphins]], reuiniting
reuiniting him with his former Broncos offensive coordinator [[Adam Gase]].<ref>{{Cite web |url= ~~~

List of tropical cyclones that affected India[edit]

revone->renove? (switch2) context: ~~~ a, Manipur state will revone
revone from world map.around 29 lakh will die with a minimum central pressure of {{convert|912|mbar|inHg|abbr=on|sigfig=4}} and [[Cyclone Nargis]] is the co ~~~


riability->friability? (omit) context: ~~~ ircraft structural riability,
riability, performance & quality.Across the following years, the company developed in being as well an external provider for NDT training & certificatio ~~~

Guriel District[edit]

ribadle->ridable? (switch2) context: ~~~ * ribadle
ribadle * lan ijaabo* Buhod* dabeyl* kadhakole* ariqarof* balli-dhig* garasle* balli sharaf* xodale* Golangole* miiryahudle* idow* hertis* xulfadi axmed gurey ~~~


rigosols->girosols? (switch2) context: ~~~ im area are various rigosols,
rigosols, [[rendzina]], parabraunerde and limestone-bearing [[terra fusca]].<ref name="AndSchna">Kurt Andermann, Berthold Schnabel: ''Deideshei ~~~


rimmless->rimless? (double) context: ~~~ idges as rimmed and rimmless
rimmless versions of the same family. This practice is to be seen in other cartridge families as well (ex. 7x57 vs. 7x57R: see [[7×57mm Mauser]]).==Gallery== ~~~


riside->reside? (sound) context: ~~~ Castle) to Matako now riside
riside in Ananguro khwar, Khohairy and adjesent areas.Mian KhanThe inhabitants of the village belong to Utmankhel tribe of pakhtun the descendants of Utman b ~~~

Praia do Cassino[edit]

rocktes->rockets? (switch) context: ~~~ ave lounched several rocktes
rocktes to studied upper atmosphere<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=NASA SOUNDING ROCKET RESURGENGE 1965-1968|last=|fi ~~~


rominent->prominent? (omit) context: ~~~ cational institute. rominent
rominent among them being:Kendriya Vidyalaya, SingrauliChrist Jyoti Senior Secondary School SingrauliSaraswati Sishu Vidya Mandir Singrauli Delhi Public School ~~~

Ford EXP[edit]

romotional->promotional? (omit) context: ~~~ Another romotional
romotional sweepstakes event involved some rare LN7 replicas of the Budweiser Race Team's LN7 funny-car in 1982. Grand prize of the drawing was a normal LN7 (pro ~~~

Henry Washington Younger[edit]

roobed->robed? (double) context: ~~~ He was frequently roobed
roobed and lost a lot of money. This angered his son Cole who thought he should make a stand. On July 20, 1862 Henry was traveling to [[Kansas City, Missour ~~~

Little Barford[edit]

ropened->reponed? (switch2) context: ~~~ closed in 1932, but ropened
ropened from 1939 to 1945. The building still stands. The coal fired [[Little Barford Power Station]] was opened in 1939, closed in 1981 and demolished in 198 ~~~

Kiamitia County[edit]

roposed->proposed? (omit) context: ~~~ octaw counties. pAs roposed
roposed by the Sequoyah Constitutional Convention, the State of Seqyoyan would abolish the Choctaw county boundaries and establish new ones. In this case, Kia ~~~

Chinese National Day Parade[edit]

rostum->rostrum? (omit) context: ~~~ the following on the rostum
rostum on the Tiananmen Gate:* Premier of the State Council of the PRC* Chairmen of both the Standing Committees of the [[National People's Congress]] and th ~~~

National Day of the People's Republic of China[edit]

rostum->rostrum? (omit) context: ~~~ is accompanied on the rostum
rostum on the Tiananmen Gate by:* Premier of the State Council of the PRC ([[master of ceremonies]])* Members of the [[National People's Congress]] and the [ ~~~

Hanriot H.230[edit]

rotaion->rotation? (omit) context: ~~~ propellers LH and RH rotaion
rotaion |prop dia m=<!-- propeller aircraft -->|prop dia note=<!-- Performance-->|max speed kmh=335|max speed note=at {{cvt|1000|m|0}}|crui ~~~

Solomon Islands English[edit]

rothic->orthic? (switch) context: ~~~ Island English is non-rothic.
rothic.The Letter r tends to be a tap [ɾ] or a [[trill consonant|trill]] [r] in Solomon Island English.The interdental [[fricatives]] /θ/ and /ð/ are ofte ~~~

Chants d'Auvergne, Vol. 1[edit]

rotso->roost? (switch2) context: ~~~ rrées: (a) L'aïo dè rotso
rotso; (b) Oun'onorèn gorda; (c) Obal, din lou Limouzi (Vol. 1, No. 3)<ref name=d/>==Personnel=====Musical===* [[Frederica von Stade]], mezzo-soprano ~~~

Music education policy round table[edit]

roundable->groundable? (omit) context: ~~~ ns that sit on the roundable
roundable include:* [[VH1 Save the Music Foundation]]* [[National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences|The Recording Academy]]* [[American Choral Directors As ~~~


roundnuts->groundnuts? (omit) context: ~~~ dnut|groundnuts]], roundnuts,
roundnuts, [[sorghum]], [[millet]] and [[cotton]]. The two irrigation schemes in Zhombe east also farm beans and okra seasonally.=== Water reticulation ===The c ~~~

Ammannia baccifera[edit]

rubifacient->rubefacient? (sound) context: ~~~ in, as laxative, rubifacient
rubifacient and external remedy for ring worm (Kirtikar, 1972). This plant was found to possess hypothermic, hypertensive, antiurolithiasis, antibacterial and CNS ~~~

Velana International Airport[edit]

rufiya->rufiyaa? (omit) context: ~~~ project and 1,563.08 rufiya
rufiya was donated. The new runway was opened on 12 April 1966 at 16:00 by [[Ibrahim Nasir|President Ibrahim Nasir]].<ref name="ReferenceA"/> ~~~

Physical premotion[edit]

ruleship->rulership? (omit) context: ~~~ edge) and universal ruleship
ruleship; on the other hand, it is seen by its critics (chiefly Jesuits defending the alternative theory of [[molinism]]) as leading to [[theological determini ~~~


rulling->rolling? (sound) context: ~~~ emerges from the two rulling
rulling houses Erhebor and Evba and the Ogbaide as crowner's of which their main function is to prepare the Ovie's symbol of authority ( the Eri- Ivie). Enhwe ~~~

2019 SIU Edwardsville Cougars men's soccer team[edit]

runersup->runnersup? (omit) context: ~~~ The defending NCAA runersup
runersup have a losing record, but they have faced one of the toughest schedules in the country, with 9 of 13 prior opponents ranked during the season. Akron w ~~~

Socialist Party of National Liberation - Provisional[edit]

rupturist->rapturist? (sound) context: ~~~ . The PSAN-P had a rupturist
rupturist and [[Left-wing nationalism|national-popular]] character and supported direct confrontation with the state. The PSAN-P signed a treaty with [[Euskadi ~~~

Spanish architecture[edit]

rupturist->rapturist? (sound) context: ~~~ l language and its rupturist
rupturist aesthetical achievements. It was constructed before the main works of [[Michelangelo]] and [[Palladio]] . Its influence was very limited, and, misunde ~~~

British shadow factories[edit]

sactories->castories? (switch2) context: ~~~ ry plan and shadow sactories
sactories can be found among the following records and descriptive series list code headings held by [[The National Archives]]. For the full set of references ( ~~~


saleeman->salleeman? (omit) context: ~~~ ********[[saleeman
saleeman caroone|Owbakar]] ********[[cabdhalle caroone|cabdalla caroone]]*********[[Ali Mohammed Ghedi|Warsangali Abgaal]]*********[[Ciise Harti]]*********Haba ~~~


saphe->safe? (sound) context: ~~~ alanysis, cepstrum and saphe
saphe were invented by the authors by rearranging some letters in frequency, analysis, spectrum and phase. The new invented terms are defined by analogies t ~~~

Sodium aluminosilicate[edit]

sasil->sisal? (switch2) context: ~~~ * sasil
sasil == Minerals sometimes called sodium aluminosilicate ==Naturally occurring minerals that are sometimes given the chemical name, sodium aluminosilicate ~~~

Treaties of Velasco[edit]

scarbe->scrabe? (switch) context: ~~~ d them in the runaway scarbe.
scarbe.===Article 6===The troops of both armies will refrain from coming into contact with each other, and to this end the Commander of the army of Texas wil ~~~

Benito Lopez[edit]

scheudled->scheduled? (switch) context: ~~~ er 2019, Lopez was scheudled
scheudled to face Martin Day at [[UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs. Ortega]]. However Day pulled out of the event due to knee injury and he was replaced by [[Albert ~~~

Bao (surname)[edit]

schistosmiasis->schistosomiasis? (omit) context: ~~~ specialist in schistosmiasis,
schistosmiasis, Mr Bao migrated to New Zealand from mainland China in 1996, Mf Bao passed away in 2014 in Wellington city, New Zealand , Mr Bao’s wife was Zhou, da ~~~

Vow of allegiance of the Professors of the German Universities and High-Schools to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialistic State[edit]

scientst->scientist? (omit) context: ~~~ ]] (Göttingen soil scientst)
scientst), [[Wilhelm Blaschke]] (Austrian mathematician), Hermann Block (Hamburger teacher), [[Otto Blum]] (Hannover civil engineer), [[Werner Blume]] (Göttin ~~~

Political positions of Susan Collins[edit]

seantors->senators? (switch) context: ~~~ ollowing month. The seantors
seantors warned that if the funding for the Community Health Center Fund (CHCF) was allowed to expire, it "would cause an estimated 2,400 site closures, 4 ~~~

2019–20 Cairns Taipans season[edit]

seeemed->seemed? (adjacent) context: ~~~ quarter, the Taipans seeemed
seeemed ready to continue on their dominant streak. However, the All Stars soon found themselves slowly closing the large points gap which had been created be ~~~

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life[edit]

seppukku->seppuku? (double) context: ~~~ ya kill himself via seppukku
seppukku to save his ex-wife Kiyomi in vain as Koshimizu, the Yomei Alliance's true successor, shoots her (It is later revealed that the bullets were blanks an ~~~

Bahadır II Giray[edit]

seraskir->serasker? (sound) context: ~~~ Khan Shahin Gerai, seraskir
seraskir of the Edichkul horde. Ruling since 1777, Khan Shahin Gerai carried out pro-Russian radical reforms in Crimea, in particular, equalizing Muslim and no ~~~

Judge Hardy and Son[edit]

sevral->serval? (switch) context: ~~~ e the case. Including sevral
sevral who think he is taking them to the dance.Mrs. Hardy gets worse and Andy drives to get Marian. They get stuck on the opposite side of a bridge in dange ~~~

Hoti, Mardan[edit]

shadil->shadily? (omit) context: ~~~ g malik mishdal,malik shadil,
shadil,malik noordil and four others.mandoorei are also very good people . they are also living in hoti.same is for banusa khel and other tribes.hoti is a pl ~~~

Bob Dailey[edit]

shatted->shafted? (shape) context: ~~~ �82]] season, Dailey shatted
shatted on his ankle catching a rut in the ice in a game in Buffalo. The injury required 3 screws to repair and forced his retirement at the age of 28. He att ~~~

Bill Cutler (footballer)[edit]

shepherder->sheepherder? (omit) context: ~~~ proved a valuable shepherder.
shepherder.<ref>[ Sharland, W.S., "Melbourne's Ruck Play Requires Strengthening This Season", ~~~

Moshe Reuven Azman[edit]

shokhet->shochet? (sound) context: ~~~ a Hirsh Lyubarsky, a shokhet
shokhet from [[Kharkiv]]. Azman was active in the [[refusenik]] movement since his youth and received ordination as a shokhet ~~~

Moshe Reuven Azman[edit]

shokhet->shochet? (sound) context: ~~~ ived ordination as a shokhet
shokhet (ritual slaughterer) when he was 18. In 1982, the central communist newspaper Pravda, reporting on Jewish refusenik activities in Leningrad, referred ~~~

Fliegerführer Atlantik[edit]

sidelinig->sidelining? (omit) context: ~~~ ce with the aim of sidelinig
sidelinig the proposals. At the meeting, held on 11 March, Raeder handed Göring a detailed memorandum asking for naval aviation to be seconded, permanently, to ~~~

Four Days' Battle[edit]

signalle->signalled? (omit) context: ~~~ won after De Ruyter signalle
signalle an "old-fashioned" attack which many of the Dutch were more used to.<ref>Van Foreest and Weber, p. 23</ref> Immediately after th ~~~

Anthony Nwakaeme[edit]

signd->signa? (shape) context: ~~~ He didn’t get signd
signd up buy Kristianstad FF. He also stayed with his trainer at his home. Who helped him when he got sick. ===Arieșul Turda===Anthony Nwakaeme began his ~~~

Ratnagiri, Odisha[edit]

signle->single? (switch) context: ~~~ mostly carved from a signle
signle piece of stone. Many Indian Buddhist sites have some of these, but at Ratnagiri there are more than 700 of them in total, which is an exceptionally l ~~~

Acacia lazaridis[edit]

siuated->sinuated? (omit) context: ~~~ where it is usually siuated
siuated on ridges, slopes or hill tops growing in gravelly red soils or shallow sandy soils over [[sandstone]] or [[granite]] bedrocks as a part of ''[[Eucaly ~~~

List of ski areas and resorts in Alberta[edit]

skiiable->skiable? (double) context: ~~~ km² skiiable
skiiable area)==Prairie resorts=={{Empty section|date=January 2016}}==References=={{reflist}}[[Category:Lists of ski areas and resorts|Alberta]][[Category:Ski ~~~

Primary education[edit]

sklls->skells? (omit) context: ~~~ * Learning sklls
sklls * Language * Emotional<ref name="NIH1">{{cite web |title=School-age children development: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia |url=https: ~~~

Feni District[edit]

sorif->serif? (shape) context: ~~~ Chief khadem at majar sorif,
sorif, feni* [[Mahfuz Adnan]], young journalist and film maker==References=={{reflist}}==External links=={{Commons category|Feni District}}* [http://www.zpf ~~~


spasing->spasming? (omit) context: ~~~ ble to manufacture a spasing
spasing device analogous in function to the [[MOSFET]] transistor,<ref>[ Spaser as Nanoscale Quantum Generator and Ultraf ~~~

Dale Ferguson (rugby league)[edit]

spearate->separate? (switch) context: ~~~ eld Giants]] in two spearate
spearate spells, as well spending time at [[Hull Kingston Rovers]] on loan from [[Huddersfield Giants|Huddersfield]]. He has also played for the [[Bradford Bul ~~~

Holmesburg Prison[edit]

speciaity->speciality? (omit) context: ~~~ arch – Kligman's speciaity
speciaity – experiments were also carried out to test commercial pharmaceutical products and biochemical substances. Dermatological experiments included:{{sfn ~~~

Chicoreus zululandensis[edit]

specificaly->specifically? (omit) context: ~~~ on South Africa, specificaly
specificaly near the Zulula town.==References=={{Reflist}}{{Taxonbar|from=Q5096565}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Chicoreus Zululandensis}}[[Category:Muricidae]][[Category:Gastro ~~~


specificty->specificity? (omit) context: ~~~ ity of 100% and a specificty
specificty of 87,5%.<ref>{{cite journal |last1= Yanyun , Haibo, Guanglu, Yanqin, Jun, Qiongli,Qiongli, Linbo ,Tao | first1=Wang, Luo, Che, Li, Gao,Yang, Zh ~~~

Battaglioni M[edit]

ssault->assault? (omit) context: ~~~ ::: V ssault
ssault batalion "M"::: XXXIV ssault ~~~

Battaglioni M[edit]

ssault->assault? (omit) context: ~~~ ::: XXXIV ssault
ssault batalion "M"::: XLI support weapons battalion "M"The Black Shirts of the "Tagliamento" Group were not originally an &quo ~~~


statiin->statin? (double) context: ~~~ urning point for the statiin
statiin , because Filipinas Broadcasting Network is now under the management of Radio Corporation of the Philippines, new management, new hope. With the leade ~~~

Saphan Han[edit]

statrs->starts? (switch) context: ~~~ pier, the second part statrs
statrs from Ratchawong road and separated by Chakkrawat road near [[Wat Tuek, Bangkok|Wat Tuek]] intersection, and third part begins from Chakkrawat road thr ~~~

Rug making[edit]

stobbies->stubbies? (sound) context: ~~~ clippies, proddies, stobbies,
stobbies, pricked, in Northumberland they are called proggy mats, and in Scotland they are called [[clootie]] mats. They were often made for more utilitarian u ~~~

RNS Institute of Technology[edit]

stokeess->stokeses? (switch) context: ~~~ e for that quantity stokeess
stokeess m**Engineering* [[Information Science]] and Engineering* [[Electronics]] and [[Instrumentation]] Engineering* [[Electrical and Electronics]] Engineeri ~~~

97 Street, Edmonton[edit]

streeet->street? (adjacent) context: ~~~ of neighbourhoods 94 streeet
streeet in order from south to north.<ref name="utility">[ City of Edmonton map utility]</ref>*[[Boyle Street, E ~~~

Womb tomb[edit]

studed->studded? (omit) context: ~~~ Ken Baynes studed
studed burials in Wales and England. About the chambered tomb at [[Belas Knap]], Gloucestershire, he reported that the portal probably represented the vagina ~~~

Thomas Sanders (entertainer)[edit]

suace->sauce? (switch) context: ~~~ the Vine series apple suace
suace united and the YouTube series the applest ~~~

José Maurício Nunes Garcia[edit]

subchantre->subchanter? (switch) context: ~~~ chapel master and subchantre
subchantre of the See, deacon João Lopes Ferreira. These would be his first steps to succeed him as the chapel master.In 1784, the brotherhood of Saint Cecilia, ~~~


subdistrct->subdistrict? (omit) context: ~~~ njung Dua Belas]] subdistrct)
subdistrct).<ref> ~~~

Bình Chánh District[edit]

subidivided->subdivided? (adjacent) context: ~~~ ánh District is subidivided
subidivided to 10 [[Commune-level subdivisions (Vietnam)|commune-level subdivisions]], including the township of Tân Túc (district capital) and the rural commun ~~~

Pierre Encrenaz[edit]

submillimetres->submillimeters? (switch) context: ~~~ llimetres and submillimetres.
submillimetres. Several technology transfers have been carried out (cryogenitors, mixers, shottky).They are divided into three periods:*    Measurement of [[pulsar ~~~

Ibn al-Nadim[edit]

subtelties->subtilties? (sound) context: ~~~ writings and the subtelties
subtelties of his discriptions and terminologies raised questions as to his own religious beliefs and affiliations. It seems [[Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani|Ibn Hajar] ~~~

Urinary incontinence[edit]

suburethal->suburethral? (omit) context: ~~~ with traditional suburethal
suburethal slings than with open abdominal retropubic suspension. Suburethal slings may have a higher risk of complications than bladder neck needle suspension o ~~~

Urinary incontinence[edit]

suburethal->suburethral? (omit) context: ~~~ Traditional suburethal
suburethal sling operations probably reduce urinary incontinence in women compared to open abdominal retropubic suspension but appear to be no better or worse th ~~~

Urinary incontinence[edit]

suburethal->suburethral? (omit) context: ~~~ es of traditional suburethal
suburethal sling operations and there is insufficient evidence to be certain about the effectiveness of traditional slings compared to bladder neck needle suspen ~~~

The King of Tars[edit]

suffred->suffered? (omit) context: ~~~ hat “Thi Lord that suffred
suffred passioun / Schal help thee at thi nede.”<ref></ref> The princess arises ~~~

Bina Junction railway station[edit]

supefast->superfast? (omit) context: ~~~ spl.|Jhansi―Pune supefast
supefast spl. Exp]]*[[Utkal|Puri―Haridwar Kalinga utkal Express]]*[[Sambalpur Exp |Amritsar ― Vishakhapattanam Hirakund Express]]*[[Udaipur City―Shalimar ~~~

Browser speed test[edit]

supersed->supersede? (omit) context: ~~~ ====Dromaeo [supersed
supersed by Kraken]====Mozilla test suite based on SunSpider tests. Takes several minutes for execution and displays very detailed information about every sing ~~~

Spencer Smith[edit]

surnamre->surnamer? (switch) context: ~~~ [Spencer-Smith]], a surnamre
surnamre {{hndis|Smith, Spencer}}</text> <sha1>c75elo08u575j5odus6kx6qt9csms9k</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>Wikipedia:Bots/Requests fo ~~~

Checker Taxi[edit]

survice->survise? (sound) context: ~~~ Two Checker Model A4 survice,
survice, one restored in 1950 and one in 1952.<ref name=" ~~~

Raju Gari Gadhi[edit]

suspicted->suspected? (sound) context: ~~~ t here. Ashwin had suspicted
suspicted them, which is why they were selected. It is further revealed that all the hauntings that occurred few days ago with Barbie and others were orchestrat ~~~

Traditional Hawaiian Games (Pāʻani Hawaiʻi Kahiko)[edit]

synonimity->synonymity? (sound) context: ~~~ that there was a synonimity
synonimity of loss in Hawaiʻi related to people passing away at the turn of century.<ref>{{Cite journal|last=Kenn|first=Charles|date=February 1930|title=C ~~~

Oldsmobile 98[edit]

tailamps->taillamps? (omit) context: ~~~ lenses next to the tailamps.
tailamps. Standard Ninety-Eight equipment included a 455 CID Rocket V8 with 4-barrel carburetor, Turbo-Hydramatic, vari-ratio power steering, power brakes, pow ~~~


tailights->taillights? (omit) context: ~~~ her the normal LED tailights
tailights found in the 2016 LCI 3 series and 4 series models.=== Dell ===On January 6, 2016, Dell announced the Ultrasharp UP3017Q OLED monitor at the Consumer ~~~


tailights->taillights? (omit) context: ~~~ t did not get OLED tailights
tailights but rather the normal LED tailights ~~~


tailights->taillights? (omit) context: ~~~ used the same OLED tailights
tailights as the M4 GTS and which would be their second car to use them, they also announced the M3 CS but it did not get OLED tailights ~~~

Climate change and ecosystems[edit]

tempratures->temperatures? (omit) context: ~~~ otland]]. Warmer tempratures
tempratures resulted in deer giving birth on average three days earlier for each decade of the study. The gene which selects for earlier birth has increased in th ~~~

Composition of Mars[edit]

tephite->tephrite? (omit) context: ~~~ [[picrobasalt]], and tephite.
tephite. The Irvine-Barager classification calls them basalts.<ref name="McSween 2004"/>Plain's rocks have been very slightly altered, probab ~~~

Gilmar Dal Pozzo[edit]

timbu->timbo? (sound) context: ~~~ ril 2016, he was fired timbu
timbu command because of bad results that were welcomed at decisive moments for the club.<ref>{{cite web|url= ~~~

Arable land[edit]

toilable->foilable? (shape) context: ~~~ till not considered toilable.
toilable. The use of artifice is an open air none recycled water hydroponics relationship.{{clarify |date=November 2019 |reason=Unclear what this sentence mean ~~~

Pierre Tallet[edit]

tranlsated->translated? (switch) context: ~~~ ors and have been tranlsated
tranlsated from French to English. These publications are according to the [[National Library of France]] and the [[Library of Congress]].<ref>{{Cite web|u ~~~

List of minerals A (complete)[edit]

trihydro->trihydrol? (omit) context: ~~~ (IUPAC: dicopper trihydro
trihydro chloride)#[[Atelestite]] (Y: 1832) 08.BO.15 [] [] [http://www.handboo ~~~

Nur Ahmed Aman[edit]

triqa->triga? (shape) context: ~~~ Sultan Nur leaves the triqa
triqa at Kob Fardod and arrives in his country Odweina in an effort to collect arms and men from the western section of the Habr Yunis clan. On June 27, Jam ~~~


trure->truer? (switch) context: ~~~ tra ordinary citizen.A trure
trure patriot to Ahmadia Community.==References=={{Reflist}}==External links==*[ The Ahmadis by Antonio R. Gu ~~~

Young Liberals (Australia)[edit]

tussel->tassel? (sound) context: ~~~ ltercation in which a tussel
tussel occurred during a meeting with a security guard. Private security was hired by Christopher Kounelis, to refuse members access to the lecture theatre, ~~~

Bactrocera tryoni[edit]

tyroni->tyrone? (sound) context: ~~~ nt has resulted in B. tyroni
tyroni relative adaptiveness to different environments. === Adult Stage ===After the pupal stage is complete, adults emerge from the soil. This typically oc ~~~

Biosecurity in New Zealand[edit]

tyroni->tyrone? (sound) context: ~~~ Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tyroni)
tyroni)]] has caused over $28.5 million a year in damage to Australian fruit crops. Thus, this species poses a risk to biosecurity in New Zealand. A fruit fl ~~~


tyroni->tyrone? (sound) context: ~~~ fruit fly (Bactrocera tyroni)
tyroni)]], a species that has caused more than $28.5 million a year in damage to Australian fruit crops. However, it was banned in 2011 due to safety concern ~~~


uniserate->uniseriate? (omit) context: ~~~ lathrate scales or uniserate
uniserate hairs; blades 1-3 pinnate or more divided; veins usually free; sori marginal or submarginal; [[indusium|indusia]] open towards margin, sometimes attac ~~~

Root position[edit]

univerted->undiverted? (omit) context: ~~~ root position, or univerted
univerted chord, chord must have the root [[chord factor]] in the bass, but it may have any arrangement of the third and fifth above that, including doubled not ~~~

Vizier (Abbasid Caliphate)[edit]

vizieral->vizierial? (omit) context: ~~~ mark the apogee of vizieral
vizieral power, what the historian of the Abbasid vizierate, [[Dominique Sourdel]], called its "''grande époque''".{{sfn|Zaman|2002|p=186}} However, ~~~

Theology of Huldrych Zwingli[edit]

wingli->wingle? (sound) context: ~~~ �rich disputation and wingli
wingli vigorously defended the need for infant baptism and his belief that [[Credobaptism|rebaptism]] was unnecessary. His major works on the subject include ~~~

AAW Wrestling[edit]

wipping->wiping? (double) context: ~~~ C). This is a county wipping
wipping match (wips legal). Dukes and Lucas interfere a lot in the match. Lawrence wins with a Benjamin drive, hitting Benton in two turn buckles while he is ~~~