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CVU Vandalism Studies (talk)
Study 1 (talk) (finished)
Study 2 (talk) (never finished)
Obama article study (talk) (never finished)
Study 3 (suggest ideas!) (In Planning)
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Researching Wikipedia
The motivation of a vandal

The Vandalism Studies project is a portion of the Counter-Vandalism Unit designated to conduct research related to unconstructive edits on Wikipedia. The project covers all vandalism on Wikipedia. If you'd like to get involved, please add your name to the Members list, below!


(in reverse chronological order)

Study Status
Study 3 (suggest ideas) Discussion ongoing...
, but planned for November
Obama article study (talk page) N Stale
Study 2 (talk page) N Not done and not likely to be done
Study 1 (talk page) Yes check.svg Done


Please add your name to the bottom of the list if you would like to be involved in the Vandalism Studies!

(This will also add you to our talk page mailing list - if you don't want to receive messages, please say so!)

Open tasks[edit]

  • Begin formulating ideas and topics to research for "Study 3" (discuss now!)
  • Discuss what research needs to be conducted and what would be good metrics to gather.
  • Add thoughts/contribute to any of the completed studies. (Study 1, Study 2, Obama article study)

Research questions[edit]

These are some preliminary questions may stimulate future studies. Not all questions may be answerable, so think of it more as a brainstorming section.

Wikipedia vandalism studies outside of this project[edit]



Coverage of the WikiProject's studies[edit]

Coverage of first study:

Show Your Pride![edit]

Just add {{User WVS}} to your page.

WVS This user is interested in
studying vandalism.


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