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Wikipedia:Counting juntas

This page contains material which is considered humorous. It may also contain advice.
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"Counting juntas" is a mental exercise that was invented by Lvivske after he was attacked by an army of anonymous Serbian juntas on 15 April 2014.[1] Another attack, this time by an anonymous Russian junta, occurred on 8 June 2014.[2] Juntas are usually found in the hinterlands of the internet.[3] They sometimes make incursions into more respectable districts, as they did when they attacked Lvivske.

In most depictions of the activity, the practitioner envisions an endless series of identical juntas wearing greenish-black military uniforms that are jumping over a barricade, and then counts them as they do so.[4][5] The idea of the exercise is to relax the mind before encountering with editors that vandalize, troll or otherwise harm the encyclopedia.

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