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Current and future event templates are designed to indicate that an article or a section is describing a current or future event, and to warn readers about the fast-changing or speculative nature of the article.

Current events[edit]

The main current event template is {{current}}. It adds the article into Category:Current events:

The current event template may be used to warn the editor or reader about the great flux of edits and the fast-changing state of the article, due to the fact that current events tend to get the most attention from editors. In such a case, the template is subject to removal when the event described is no longer receiving massive editing attention.

This template, and the topic-related templates listed below, are not meant to be generally disclaimers indicating that an article's contents may not be accurate, or to mark an article that merely has recent news articles about the topic. Generally it is expected that these templates will appear on an article for less than a day, or occasionally longer, but not several weeks. See Wikipedia:No disclaimers in articles for more information.

Other closely related templates include:

Tag Article message box that will be shown
{{Current related}}
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{{In use}}
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The current template also receives parameters; for example:

Code Result
{{current|section|date=October 2015}}
{{current||current election|date=October 2015}}

Topic related templates include:

Tag Article message box that will be shown
{{Current disaster}}
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{{Current person}}
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{{Recent death}}
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{{Recent death presumed}}
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{{Current spaceflight}}
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{{Current sport}}
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{{Current sport-related}}
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{{Current sports transaction}}
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{{Current weather event}}
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Future events[edit]

Note that Wikipedia is not a crystal ball: Wikipedia is not a collection of unverifiable speculation. All articles about future events must be verifiable, and the subject matter must be of sufficiently wide interest that it would merit an article if the event had already occurred.

Consider using the {{crystal}} template for articles that may violate WP:CRYSTAL:

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