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A disclaimer in a Wikipedia article is a statement or warning that the article is not appropriate, suitable, or guaranteed for some specified purpose. There are disclaimers linked at the bottom of all pages on Wikipedia.

From time to time, editors insert additional disclaimers into an article either as text or as a template – for instance, "This article contains profanity" or "This article is not suitable for children" or "Spoiler ahead". While ideas like this have been continually proposed, the consensus is that they should not be used. Additional disclaimers in encyclopedia articles should generally be removed, and disclaimer templates should be removed and deleted.

Acceptable disclaimers[edit]

There are a few notable exceptions:

What are disclaimers?[edit]

For the purpose of this guideline, disclaimers are templates or text inserted into an article that duplicate the information at one of the five standard disclaimer pages:

Why disclaimers should not be used[edit]

  • They are redundant with the disclaimer linked at the bottom of every page.
  • Wikipedia is not censored.
  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a how-to guide.
  • It is hard to define which articles should have a disclaimer (e.g., what defines an "adult content" article, which varies dramatically by culture and individual). Allowing some disclaimers would generate a significant overhead of disputes regarding where to draw the line; this draws editors away from more productive tasks.
  • The lack of the disclaimer on certain pages as opposed to others might open Wikipedia to lawsuits.
  • They take up large amounts of page space when used in banner form.

Dissenting opinions[edit]

Dissenting arguments in favour of disclaimers have included:

  • Certain content may offend certain people; disclaimers could help those people skip content they prefer not to see.
  • The benefits of disclaimers are immediate, frequent, and obvious, whereas lawsuits are distant, rare, and hypothetical.
  • To inform readers that all content on Wikipedia can be edited and modified by anyone, so Wikipedia can't provide any claim to the accuracy of content.

Status of this guideline[edit]

This content guideline represents a solid and longstanding consensus on the English Wikipedia. It has not been elevated to the status of policy, because of the few possible exceptions listed above, and a certain room for disagreement about precisely how far these exceptions should be taken.

Unlike the fundamental policies of WP:NPOV, WP:V, and WP:OR, the current consensus on disclaimers is still negotiable. Indeed, several non-English Wikipedia projects do allow certain disclaimers which this guideline precludes (e.g., de:Vorlage:Gesundheitshinweis and it:Categoria:Template disclaimer).

Nonetheless, any future modifications of this guideline should be implemented only after consensus for the change has been achieved.

Previous discussions[edit]

A short list of discussions from 2004 and 2005 is at Wikipedia talk:Risk disclaimer/Archive 1 § More disclaimer templates. Some older discussions are at Wikipedia talk:Risk disclaimer or in the templates for deletion archives.

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