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Danish Wikipedians' notice board

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All wikipedians interested in working on Denmark and Danish related subjects are invited to use this as a tool for better organizing their activities, making anouncements to others with similar interests, and keeping track of work on the area.

Although Denmark is a relatively small country, and the community of Danes on the English Wikipedia is not huge, using this board we should be able to improve wikipedia's imperfect coverage of Denmark.

Active Wikipedians interested in Denmark[edit]

To-Do List[edit]

Many articles within Wikipedia are unassessed. You can help by learning how to assess and by start assessing Category:Unassessed-Class Denmark articles.

This page attempts to organize and keep track of the articles on Denmark and Danish related subjects on Wikipedia. Each article is assigned a level of completedness according to the following scale:

25%.svg - stub, a paragraph or two, completely inadequate.
50%.png - maybe a few paragraphs, but coverage is inadequate, still missing some basic information.
75%.png - Many paragraphs, covers all, or almost all, basic information, provides a bit of depth.
100 percent.svg - Featured article status, or has gone as far as it can go, as in the case of a simple list.

When rating articles keep in mind the subject at hand. A very broad topic could be considered inadequate even if it is much longer than another article on a very narrow topic.

Please update the page as you see fit.


History of Denmark50%.png[edit]

Archaeology of Denmark[edit]

Economy of Denmark50%.png[edit]

Commercial entities[edit]

Culture of Denmark50%.png[edit]

At_the_Bier_of_a_Young_Artist 50%.png
Fantasy_Pieces_for_Oboe_and_Piano 50%.png
Fynsk_Foraar 50%.png
Søvnen 50%.png
Hymnus_amoris 50%.png
Saga-Drøm 50%.png
Pan_and_Syrinx 50%.png
An_Imaginary_Trip_to_the_Faroe_Islands 50%.png
Commotio 50%.png
Serenata_in_vano 50%.png
String_Quartet_No._2_(Nielsen) 50%.png
String_Quartet_No._3_(Nielsen) 50%.png
String Quartet No. 4 (Nielsen) 50%.png
String_Quartet_No._1_(Nielsen) 50%.png
Wind_Quintet_(Nielsen) 50%.png
Chaconne_(Nielsen) 50%.png
Moderen 50%.png
Aladdin_(Nielsen) 50%.png
Suite_for_String_Orchestra_(Nielsen) 50%.png

Cinema of Denmark 25%.svg[edit]

Geography of Denmark25%.svg[edit]

Copenhagen 75%.png[edit]

Transportation in Denmark 25%.svg- Just a list.[edit]

Counties of Denmark 50%.png[edit]


Politics of Denmark 50%.png[edit]

Elections in Denmark 25%.svg[edit]

Education in Denmark 75%.png[edit]

Political parties of Denmark[edit]

Demographics of Denmark 50%.png[edit]

Most Wanted Articles[edit]

The Most Wanted Articles Page currently lists 0 Danish articles with more than 20 links. Missing articles with many red links should be considered a priority as more people will notice them.

Danish Biographies[edit]

See also the list of requested Danish bios at Wikipedia:Requested articles/Biographies#Denmark