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The English Wikipedia is read around the world so consider whether that day needs another American or UK sportsman. Does the day include a diverse range of nationalities, races and genders?

When compiling lists of events for inclusion in Wikipedia:WikiProject Days of the year articles, it is necessary to keep in mind that what's listed should be notable in that society and for some reasonable amount of time.

Standing the test of time[edit]

When adding current events to Wiki-calendar articles, they should meet notability standards for the foreseeable future. Something that is newsworthy is not necessarily noteworthy.

Births and deaths[edit]

Only the births and deaths of people who are themselves subjects of Wikipedia articles should be listed. To have an article, a person must meet the criteria outlined in WP:BIO. Being part of a group with an article or having the page that bears one's name redirected to a different article does not qualify as having one's own article. Having a Wikipedia user page does not qualify as having an article. Also, being the subject of a Wikipedia article is only a minimum requirement for inclusion in a Wiki-calendar article. Not all people meet the more stringent notability requirements for Wiki-calendar articles.[specify] Animals with their own article can be listed as well.

Direct citations[edit]

Any material lacking a reliable source directly supporting it may be removed and should not be restored without an inline citation to a reliable source.

Holidays and observances[edit]

Holidays and observances, if notable enough for inclusion, should be the subject of a Wikipedia article (or in the case of religious feasts, mentioned in a linked article). These entries should also be limited to those events that occur on the same date annually and to observances that are currently celebrated (not the date it was once celebrated or will be celebrated).

What to do about excess items[edit]

Items that do not follow these criteria but are still factual and relevant can be moved to other timelines or portals, such as:

This offers an opportunity for the expansion of these sections as well.

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