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Rest in peace, deceased Wikipedians. We promise we will never forget your contributions.

Please do not add people unless you can supply verifiable information that they died. For details, please see these guidelines. If you have questions or comments, feel free to discuss here.

Boris Tsirelson (Tsirel)[edit]

On 21 January 2020, Boris Semyonovich Tsirelson, a mathematician and professor of mathematics at Tel Aviv University, Israel, as well as a Wikipedian, passed away due to being voluntarily euthanized following a terminal battle with cancer. (Mourning page at Tel Aviv University, 25 January 2020) (Talkpage declaration of his voluntary assisted death) He was 69. During his lifetime, he made notable contributions to probability theory and functional analysis, such as Tsirelson's bound and Tsirelson space. On Wikipedia, he made 8,857 edits, including the creation of pages such as Conditioning (probability) and Standard probability space, among others. It is currently unknown if he is survived by anyone, but his legacy will not be forgotten.

Marek Lugowski (Mareklug)[edit]

Marek Lugowski

Marek Wojciech Lugowski, who actively edited the English and Polish Wikipedias from 2008 to 2018, died on January 21, 2020, of colon cancer. He was an artificial intelligence researcher and a poet.[1]


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Muid Latif (Muidlatif)[edit]

On 11 April 2020, Muid Latif, a former project lead of Creative Commons in Malaysia who had been promoting the free-culture movement and open collaboration, passed away as announced by his brother at Latif's official Facebook page.

Dmitri Smirnov (Dmitrismirnov)[edit]

A Russian émigré to the UK, composer and teacher, and a Wikimedian, Dmitri passed away on 9 April from complications caused by COVID-19. See obituary on Russian Wikinews.

Kris de Vries (Kattenkruid)[edit]

The Dutch community sadly informs you of the passing of one of their admins: Kattenkruid. Kattenkruid ('catnip') was active on Wikipedia since 2004 and wrote articles on the topics of politics, animals and Poland. He was active on Wikidata as well, mainly with manual edits. He became an administrator on the Dutch Wikipedia in 2009 and was active until his passing on 19 March 2020.

Stephen Lecheler (Hasteur)[edit]

Over his 12 years on Wikipedia, Stephen Lecheler made over 30,000 contributions to the English Wikipedia and was renowned as a friendly and intelligent face to many in the English Wikipedia community, running both User:DRN clerk bot and User:HasteurBot. He passed away in June 2020.[1][2]


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Marcus Sherman (Marcus334)[edit]

Marcus Sherman

Marcus Sherman (August 5, 1947 - April 25, 2020) from Cape Cod joined Wikipedia on 14 January 2007 and was keenly interested in improving content related to protected areas in southern India on the English Wikipedia.[1][2][3]

Brian McNeil[edit]

Brian McNeil in 2014

Brian died suddenly on 4 July. His many friends in the Wikimedia movement loved his irascible humour (on his Facebook profile he described himself as a "curmudgeonly bastard who will swear at you for being repeatedly stupid"), his staunch advocacy of Wikinews and Scottish independence, and his taste in hats.

Brian made just under a thousand Wikipedia edits between 2004 and 2018, but over 47,000 to Wikinews, where he was a bureaucrat, and also contributed to both Commons (3,825 edits) and Meta (>300).[1]

Jerome West (Jcw69)[edit]

Jerome died on 19 July 2020. He was a South African contributor and administrator on the English Wikipedia. He made 9,265 edits. Jerome's death was announced by his widow on Facebook.

Pauline van Till (Pvt pauline~enwiki)[edit]

Pauline Louise van Till
(The Hague, 25 July 1944 -
The Hague, 27 July 2020)

On 27 July 2020, the Dutch Wikipedia lost a long-time member of the editing community. Pauline van Till ("Dutchess") was better known under her username PVT Pauline. She mainly wrote articles about World War II, golf and the international world of golfers in the Dutch and English Wikipedia, but also contributed images from all over the world to Commons.

One of her most iconic pictures, widely used throughout the projects, is of Johan Cruijff as a golfer in 2009: File:Johan Cruijff golfer cropped.jpg. User:Pvt pauline~enwiki was also known under her other accounts (after the big usurp): c:User:Pvt pauline~commonswiki & User:Pvt_pauline~enwiki.

Alin Huțu (Silenzio76)[edit]

Admin at Romanian Wikipedia, chose euthanasia due to losing a battle with brain cancer.

Jerome Kohl[edit]

Jerome (Jerry) Kohl died August 4, at the age of 73. A world-renowned music theorist, he was one of the most prolific editors in Wikiproject Classical Music, specializing in music of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as music of the medieval era. A stickler for facts, accuracy, and reliable sources, he maintained hundreds of articles, and was well-known to most editors in these topic areas. Jerry was collegial, funny, occasionally acerbic, and always responsive. He had a Ph.D. in music theory from the University of Washington (1981), on the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, and become one of the world experts on his music; additionally he was a managing editor of the distinguished periodical Perspectives of New Music. On Wikipedia -- if it was twelve-tone, serial, avant-garde, outré, experimental, and loosely descended from the European classical tradition, it probably has Jerry’s fingerprints on it, and visitors to Wikipedia will be appreciating his work as long as the place endures. Ave atque vale; those of us who have worked with you will miss your precision, scope, and wit. There is now a biography at Jerome Kohl.

Paul T. McCain (Ptmccain)[edit]

Rev. Paul T. McCain was a Lutheran pastor and publisher[1] who contributed numerous images and amassed 1,600 edits to a variety of Lutheranism-related pages on Wikipedia in 2006. His passionately held views on these topics drew him into conflict with other editors, and after some time he was indefinitely blocked from editing. However, the website, which he personally operated and funded, continues to be used as a reference on Lutheranism-related Wikipedia articles.

Rev. McCain's colleague, Rev. Harrison, wrote that "Paul served as a pastor in Iowa, senior assistant to LCMS President A.L. Barry, and was serving as the Publisher at our Concordia Publishing House."[2]

Aditya Kabir[edit]

Aditya Kabir passed away on 9 December 2020, at the age of 50. He had 25,399 edits in Wikipedia. He was particularly active in articles related to Bangladesh and South Asia, and was involved in getting featured article status to the article Bengali language movement. He was instrumental in getting articles like Bikini, Sitakunda Upazila, Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Jayne Mansfield to good article status, among others. After several years of low activity, he again became fairly active in 2020. He was very helpful, and acted as mentor to many new users.