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The proxy table is open for new participants! Feel free to designate a proxy.

This table is a registry of users who have designated another user as their delegable proxy. See Wikipedia:Delegable proxy for the full discussion of what delegable proxies are and some possible uses.

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Designating a proxy[edit]

To designate a proxy, create a page in your userspace (e.g. User:Abd/Proxy). Then enter the following text and click Save page:

{{subst:Wikipedia:Delegable proxy/Table/Designate|Insert your proxy's name here}}

Proxy designations must be accepted before they can be included in the table.

Accepting a designation[edit]

Go to the user's proxy subpage, click "edit this page" and enter this line before the }}

{{subst:Wikipedia:Delegable proxy/Table/Accept}}

Adding a designation to the table[edit]

The next step will be to click this link and insert a new line in the proxy table, e.g.


Either the user or the proxy may add the new line to the proxy table, once the designation has been accepted. Once the proxy delegation has been accepted, diffs should be added to show the designation and acceptance to the user's proxy subpage, for ease of independent verification.

Revoking a proxy assignment[edit]

To revoke a proxy assignment, blank the proxy file in your userspace, i.e., for example, User:Abd/Proxy. The line in the Proxy Table should be removed, as any new designation you make will need to be accepted first.

Revoking a proxy designation acceptance[edit]

If you have accepted someone's proxy designation and you want to revoke that decision, blank the user's subpage and remove the line in the proxy table.

Changing a proxy assignment[edit]

To change a proxy assignment, replace the text in your proxy file with the same substitution text as shown above for creating a new proxy file, and fill in the proxy username. Remove the line in the proxy table, until the new proxy accepts your designation.



User Timestamp Diff Proxy Acceptance Timestamp Diff Notes
Absidy 20080224053848 [1] Abd