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The Department of Fun is dedicated to providing the Wikipedian community, both young and old editors, with things to make them stay at Wikipedia, indirectly improving the encyclopedia. Below, you can find links to fun pages or fun things to do, other Wikipedian Associations, and a list of members who help with the creation and upkeep of entertaining or fun pages.

Please, if you have ideas for activities or competitions, do not hesitate to post them to the discussion page or join the Department of Fun. And above all, enjoy yourself!


This is a fun and simple game. It's played in the Sandbox and hosted by the Wikipedia:Department of Fun — feel free to join in! Why not? It's a good place to practice making links to articles and find interesting pages to edit on Wikipedia.

How to play[edit]

Simply, the game involves adding a single word to the list that is related to the previous one. Edit the main game or branch section, add a word, enclose it in brackets, update the word count, and save the page.

An Example[edit]

By way of example, a game might start off with: cat. Then, the next person might add cat, dog. And after a few more rounds, we might get cat, dog, pet, animal, forest, tree, house, boat, ...

Repeated Words[edit]

Avoid repeating words, and keep the links tasteful! Please use only blue links when associating. Piped links are acceptable in certain circumstances, such as when a word may have many ambiguities, like [[Queen (band)|Queen]]. Clearly, as the game develops, one gets a pretty long list! If you're stuck for ideas, link to the last word in the list and add the first link that appears on that page as the next link. Thus "Sebastian Junger" would be followed by "Documentary film", and "Latin" by "Italic languages".

In the spirit of the game, please type only one word consecutively. Then another person can respond to your word, and the game continues!


Players can only play one associated word at a time. If the current word is chair, the next player can only add musical chairs, not musical chairs and party games as well.

In game, as usual, it is a must to update the word count each time you add a word. The official limit for the main game is 555 words. Please note that this word limit for this game must not be raised or lowered.

Every 100th word may be made into a new branch. However, there cannot be any sub-branches and therefore the total number of Branches possible in this game are 5. Branches may contain up to 100 words maximum and 35 minimum.

Please also add <!--(number)th word--> every ten words to show it is the next tenth word e.g. <!--20th word-->, <!--30th word--> etc.

For Game #28, in which the starting word was Denver Basin and the ending word was Fog with branches Stomach, Dumbphone, Los Angeles, Web browser, and Maelstrom, see this link.

This is Game #29, starting with the word "Marc Forster". It was selected by Special:Random.

Main Game[edit]

#29: Marc Forster[edit]

Marc Forster, Mark Forster, Time management, Procrastination, Work aversion, Goofing off, Goofy Gophers, Goofy Goof, Mickey Mouse, House Mouse, Mousetrap, Trap, The Parent Trap, Twins, Singleton, Zygote, Sperm, Y chromosome, Y, SRY, Sorry, Board game, Chess, Scotch Game, Scotch whisky, Scotch Tape, 3M, 3M-54 Klub, Klub, Potato dumpling, Gnocchi, Pietro Gnocchi, Pietro Bembo, Italian language, Papal States, Rome, Romulus and Remus, King of Rome, Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, Antipope, Crusader Kings II, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Kufic, Flag of Iraq, Iraq, Mesopotamia, Tamia, Windsor, Ontario, Windsor Castle, London Blitz, Second World War, Battle of Attu, Alaska, Distant Early Warning Line, Russian Woodpecker, Over-the-horizon radar, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", Elton John, Billy Elliot the Musical, UK miners' strike (1984-1985), Margaret Thatcher, Thatcher, Thatching, England, Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth (given name), Elizabeth Taylor, Taylor Swift, Taylor Dayne, Long Island, Queens, Queen (chess), Chess, Checkmate, The Prisoner, GULAG, Siberia, Tundra, Canada, Canadians, Tim Hortons, Horton (surname), Surname, Suriname, French Guiana, France, French fries, Potato, Potato chip, Deep frying, Frying, Fried chicken, Kentucky, Battle of Perryville, Perryville, Arkansas, Little Rock, Big Rock, Mountain, Kilimanjaro Expedition, Kenya, Ken, Barbie, Barbados, Barbados Blackbelly sheep, Blackberry, BlackBerry Ltd, Handheld device, Grenade, Grenada, Invasion of Grenada, Ronald Reagan, Cold War, George Orwell, Spanish Civil War, Civil War, Wars of the Roses, English Civil War, Russian Civil War, Animal Farm, Allegory, Parable, Fable, Aesop, Ancient Greece, Zeus, Jupiter, Gas giant, Ice giant, Neptune, Uranus, Oberon (moon), Oberonomyia, Fly, Regurgitate, Vomit, Bulimia, Bulimia Test-Revised, Personality test, Personality, Person, Sapience, Sapien, Human reproduction, Human fetus, Placenta, Reproduction, Sex position, 69 (number), 69 position, Oral sex, Fellatio, Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton, President of the United States, "Lump", Alternative rock, 120 Minutes, 60 Minutes, Gone in 60 Seconds, Second, John Adams, Massachusetts, Memoirs v. Massachusetts, Roth v. United States, Miller v. California, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, First Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, Pakistan, Shalwar kameez, Afghanistan, National Assembly, Parti Québécois, Sovereignty, Secession, Catalonia, Catalonia Offensive, Homage to Catalonia, POUM, Marxism, Soviet Union, Sochi, Russia, 2014 Winter Olympics, Jamaica national bobsleigh team, Jamaica, Caribbean, The Secret of Monkey Island, Lucasfilm Games, Star Wars, R2-D2, Secrecy, Confidentiality, Edward Snowden, Central Intelligence Agency, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Fidel Castro, Thurston Howell, III, CBS, CBS Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony, Betamax, Beta, Beta Crucis, Beta particle, Alpha particle, Triple-alpha process, Nuclear reaction, Silicon-burning process, Silicon Valley, Google, Googol, Orders of magnitude, Centillion, Centimeter, Centipede, Invertebrate, Insect, Bumblebee, Bumblebee Man, Comedy, The King of Comedy, 1983, 1984, Unperson, Newspeak, Newsweek, Magazine, The Economist, Economics, John Maynard Keynes, Milton Friedman, Money supply, Money, Swiss franc, Banking in Switzerland, Nazi gold, Moscow gold, Bank of Spain, Bank of America, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, San Francisco, "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)", Pop music, Britney Spears, Mississippi, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, Sawyer, Chainsaw, Two-stroke engine, Motorcycle, Harley-Davidson, Chopper (motorcycle), Price Chopper, Supermarket, Shaw's and Star Market, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Massachusetts's 9th congressional district, United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, United States Congress, Representative democracy, Non-voting, Voter turnout, Compulsory voting, Australia, New Zealand, Kiwi, Kiwifruit, Kiwifruit (TV series), LGBT rights in New Zealand, Same-sex marriage, Traditional marriage, Heterosexuality, Asexuality, Sexual orientation, Sexual attraction, Human sexuality, Michel Foucault, Poitiers, Battle of Poitiers, Hundred Years' War, Kingdom of France, French Revolution, Storming of the Bastille, Estates-General of 1789, Louis XVI, House of Bourbon, Bourbon whiskey, Distilled beverage, Moonshine, Okolehao, Alcoholic beverage, Pub, "Mind over Murder", Mind over matter, Paranormal, Ghost, Ghostbusters, Comedy, Sitcom, Laugh track, Laugh-In, NBC, Peacock, Mrs. Peacock, Cluedo, Monopoly (game), Monopoly, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Billionaire, Billions and billions, Orders of magnitude (numbers), Numbers, Take a Number from 1 to 10, Ten, League of the Ten Jurisdictions, Graubünden, Glarus thrust, Thrust fault, Seattle Fault, Puget Sound, Soundboard, Disambiguation, Word, Adjective, Adjective Check List, Checklist, Checkpoint, Checkpoint Charlie, Charlie Chan, Detective, Sherlock, Deerstalker, Deer hunting, Shotgun, Firearm, AK-47, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Russian Mafia, Arms trafficking, Los Zetas, Los Angeles, UCLA, Westwood, Los Angeles, Westside (Los Angeles County), Beverly Hills, California, Beverly Hills, 90210, Beverly Hills Post Office, Allison & Allison, Allison Cameron, Jennifer Morrison, House (TV series), Misanthropy, The Misanthrope, Molière, Theatre of France, Battle of France, Maginot Line, Schwerer Gustav, Krupp, Krupp armour, Warship, HMS Dreadnought (1906), Royal Navy, "Revolution 9", Hungarian Revolution of 1848, Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Hungarian People's Republic, Warsaw Pact, East Germany, Octopussy, James Bond, Ian Fleming, Alexander Fleming, Alexander III of Russia, Alexander II of Russia, Nicholas I of Russia, Bald–hairy, Genes, Pseudogene, Genetics, Messenger RNA, MSN Messenger, Skype, Peskyspy, Trojan horse, Horse, Ass, Associated prime, Prime number, Two, Mating pair, Monogamous pairing in animals, Marriage, "Love and Marriage", Frank Sinatra, Hoboken, New Jersey, Hudson River, New York, New York, World Trade Center, Windows on the World, One World Trade Center, Manhattan, Staten Island, Lenape, Delaware River, Pamlico Sound, Outer Banks, North Carolina, Hurricane Isabel, Isabel Sanford, Harlem, Harlem shake, Milkshake, McDonald's, Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese, Cheese, Milk, Mammary gland, Breast, Mammary intercourse, Boob job, Trans woman, Transfat, Elaidic acid, Caprine, Antelope, "Home on the Range", Kansas, Dorothy Gale, Whole gale, Hurricane, Hurricane Wilma, Gale Storm, Beaufort scale, Gentle breeze, "Summer Breeze", Summary, High school, College, College town, Rolla, Missouri, Mark Twain National Forest, Mark Twain, Halley's Comet, Battle of Hastings, Harold Godwinson, Harold Wilson, Harold Gould, Stephen Jay Gould, Evolution, E. coli long-term evolution experiment, Michigan State University, Michigan, Interstate 94, Controlled-access highway, Pennsylvania Turnpike, Massachusetts Turnpike, Toll road, Yellow Brick Road, Brickwork, Sidewalk, Kerb, Herb, Thyme, Rosemary, Rosemary's Baby, Ira Levin, The Boys from Brazil, Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, Dinah Manoff, Dinah, "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah", Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Time Warner, Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle, Roundabout, Traffic, Traffic jam, Gridlock, New New York, Space Pilot 3000, "The Series Has Landed", Claw machine, Toy Story, Cars, Anthropomorphism, Miles Prower, Miles per hour, MPH, Bookstore, Creative writing, SAT, Saturn, Saturn (mythology), Saturn Award, Hugo Award, Science fiction, H. G. Wells, The Time Machine, Time travel, "The City on the Edge of Forever", Star Trek, Spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Companion (Doctor Who), Clara Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Theater, Aether, Classical element, Classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "Rock Me Amadeus", "Roll over Beethoven", Beethoven Was Deaf, "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold", Paul is dead, Abbey Road, McLemore Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee,

Word count is 538/555 as of word: Memphis, Tennessee.

Branch #1: "Little Rock" (branch closed)[edit]

Little Rock, Little Rock International Airport, Pulaski County, Arkansas, Casimir Pulaski, Katherine Pulaski, Katherine of Aragon, Aragorn, Legolas, LEGO, Brick, Riot, Los Angeles riots, 40th Infantry Division (United States), United States Army, M1 Abrams, Abraham, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Tenure of Office Act, Term limits, President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, World War II, Attack on Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona (BB-39), USS Enterprise, Battle of Midway, Imperial Japanese Navy, Pacific War, Second Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Civil War, Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War, Dutch Republic, One Republic, MySpace, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Jerry Zucker (film director), Jerry Zucker, Israeli American, Natalie Portman, Citizenship in the United States, Citizenship, Lost Canadians, Robert Goulet, Lancelot, King Arthur, List of legendary kings of Britain, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Geoffrey Chaucer, Geoffrey Plantagenet, House of Plantagenet, House of Normandy, William the Conqueror, Norman conquest of England, Battle of Hastings, Battle of Bosworth, Richard III of England, William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo da Vinci, Artist, Painter, Vincent van Gogh, Self-mutilation, Suicide, Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich, Lidice, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Nazi Germany, Battle of Berlin, Red Army, Soviet Union, "Back in the U.S.S.R.", The Beatles, Beatlemania, Dalekmania, Terry Nation, The Daleks' Master Plan, Doctor Who, Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, Inverness, Jacobite Risings, Jacobite succession, Charles Edward Stuart, George II of Great Britain, House of Hanover, Princess Sophia of Gloucester, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Benjamin Atwood Smith II, Ted Kennedy, Owl Club (Harvard), Harvard College, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Ontario, London, Ontario.

Word count is 100/100 as of word: London, Ontario.

Branch #2: "Thurston Howell, III" (branch closed)[edit]

Thurston Howell, III, Jim Backus, Mr. Magoo, Animated cartoon, Animation, Live action, Reality, Universe, Cosmos, Kosmos 557, Soviet space program, Zond program, Soyuz programme, Gagarin's Start, Yuri Gagarin, Yuri Andropov, Era of Stagnation, Khrushchev Thaw, Cuban missile crisis, Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolution, Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa, Moustache, Beard, Hair, Alopecia, Baldness, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, BART, Rapid transit, Paris Métro, Stockholm Metro, Sweden, Treaty of Roskilde, Denmark-Norway, Danish colonial empire, Greenland, Nuuk, Copenhagen, Zealand, New Zealand, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, Australian Army, Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation, Sukarno, Dutch East Indies, Netherlands New Guinea, New Guinea, Indonesia, East Timor, Portuguese Empire, Brazil, 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer (statue), Christ the King (statue), Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar, Anachronism, Time travel, TARDIS, Police box, Fire alarm box, Fire alarm, Firemen, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Classical element, Chemical element, Breaking Bad, Crime drama, The Sopranos, Soprano, Castrato, Castration, Eunuch, "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Spin-off (media), Torchwood, Queen Victoria, House of Hanover, Hanover, Hangover, Alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous, Disease theory of alcoholism, Stanton Peele, Peel, Fruit, Banana, Bananas in Pyjamas, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, American Broadcasting Corporation, Big Three television networks, NBC, .

Word count is 100/100 as of word: NBC.

Branch #3: "Pub" (branch closed)[edit]

Pub, Cheers, Toast (honor), Toast, Maillard reaction, Mallard, Duck, Near miss, Near-Earth object, Asteroid, Chicxulub crater, Bolide, Meteorite, Comet, Exocomet, Comet Hale–Bopp, Heaven's Gate, Mass suicide, Drinking the Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Acid trip, Far Out Isn't Far Enough, Tomi Ungerer, Strasbourg, Argentoratum, Alemanni, Angela Merkel, East Germany, East Berlin, First We Take Manhattan, "The Angels Take Manhattan", Weeping statue, Hoax, Balloon Boy, Cluster ballooning, The Red Balloon, Up (2009 film), Pixar, John Lasseter, Toy Story, Toy Story 3, The Velveteen Rabbit, The Easter Bunny, Lagomorpha, Rabbit, Myxomatosis, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Sequela, Retrospective diagnosis, Black Death, Plague of Justinian, Yersinia pestis, Brown rat, Rodent, Caviomorpha, Horned gopher, Horn (anatomy), Bighorn sheep, Sheep, Wool, Woolite, Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Dodecane, Dodecahedrane, Dodecahedron, Platonic solid, Cube, Iron-sulfur cluster, Iron, Cobalt, Cobalt blue, Prussian blue, Prussia, Austro-Prussian War, Peace of Prague (1866), Prague, Prague Spring, Arab Spring, Syrian civil war, Syria, French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon, Sykes-Picot Agreement, British Mandate of Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia (Roman province), Assyria (Roman province), Trajan, Ragin' Cajun, Louisiana French, Louisiana, Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, Fort St. Philip, Confederate States of America, C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America, Mockumentary, The Office, Cubicle, Rubik's Cube.

Word count is 100/100 as of word: Rubik's Cube.

Branch #4: "Two" (branch closed)[edit]

Two, Second Doctor, Second opinion, Building contractor, Bob the Builder, Construction, Wedding cake, Wedding reception, Wedding breakfast, Wedding, Gay marriage, United States v. Windsor, Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court of the United States, The Supremes, Detroit, Bankruptcy, Jubilee (biblical), Golden Jubilee, Queen Victoria, House of Hanover, House of Representatives of the Philippines, United States House of Representatives, Lawsuit, Libel, Liberal, Littoral, Beach, Cape Cod Bay, New England, Massachusetts, Wampanoag, Plymouth Colony, Puritanism, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Thirteen Colonies, King George III, monarch, tsar, Moscow, Red Square, Checkers, Chess, Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Jesus, Bible, Qur'an, Hadith, Haditha, Saudi Arabia, Mecca, Islam, Indonesia, Nutmeg, Meg Griffin, Gryffindor, Harry Potter, Polyjuice Potion, "Polythene Pam", Penny Lane, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Pepper, Pepper Ann, American Broadcasting Company, British Broadcasting Company, Doctor Who, Fez, Morocco, Africa, Scramble for Africa, USA for Africa, United States, Canada, Preston Manning, Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Stephen Harper, Harper Valley PTA, Country music, Dolly Parton, Gnomeo & Juliet, The Wars of the Roses, House of York, Dynasty, Dallas, Houston, Glen Campbell, Kim Campbell, Kim Carnes, Chile con carne, Mel's Diner, Alice, Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona, Utah, Gay marriage in the United States, Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Red Sox.

Word count is 100/100 as of word: Boston Red Sox.

Branch #5: "Cars (film)"[edit]

Cars, Car, Karl Benz, University of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Donaueschingen, Danube, "The Blue Danube", Exposition Universelle (1867), Paris, Hundred Years' War, Henry V of England, Henry VIII of England, England, Scotland, Loch Ness, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Yeti, Himalaya, Nepal, Gurkha, Soldier, Bundeswehr, Bundestag, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, German Empire, British Empire, Queen Victoria, Victoria Waterfield, Reginald Waterfield, Anglicanism, Henry VIII, Divorce, D-I-V-O-R-C-E, Country music, Dolly Parton, Dolley Madison, War of 1812, James Madison, Virginia, Virgin Queen, "Dancing Queen", Disco, DiscoVision, DVD, Compact disc, Album (Public Image Ltd album), The Beatles (White Album), John Lennon, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), "Give Peace a Chance", Bed-In, Love-in,

Word count is 54/100 as of word: Love-in.


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