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This is a list of new article announcement pages. It can be used to find articles to add to the Did You Know? section on the main page. If you've found an interesting fact from a non-stub article that's less than seven days old then please suggest it here.

The pages whose names are in bold, have been updated within the last month and it's probably a good idea to check those first if you are looking for new articles.

If you know of any new article announcement pages, which are not listed here than please add them to the list.

"Did you know...?" template
Discussion WT:DYK
Rules WP:DYK
Supplementary rules WP:DYKSG
Nominations WP:DYKN
Reviewing guide WP:DYKR
Preps & Queues T:DYK/Q
Currently on Main Page
Main Page errors WP:ERRORS
Removed hooks WP:DYKREMOVED
Archive of DYKs WP:DYKA