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"Disinfoboxes" are infoboxes that contain unnecessary repetitions of facts already presented in an article's lead or oversimplified dissemination of information that is devoid of necessary context and nuance. However, many infoboxes commonly nicknamed disinfoboxes can actually be very useful.


Disinfoboxes usually provide an easily readable, accessible summary of the article in hand. They make it easy to find out about the key facts in an article without having to locate them within its main body.



The article above is an example of a stub article which has been merged into a larger article, London School Buses. The infobox is classed as a disinfobox because it is longer than 1/3 of the article. However, the infobox is clearly placed in the usual position. It provides many key details, such as bus route length, journey time, PVR and more which would all otherwise have to be incorporated into the text, which would result in an article which is:

  • unpleasant to read
  • does not meet or appear to meet the general standards of Wikipedia
  • of poor quality
  • difficult to read and comprehend

On the other hand, the box does not summarise the article, it supplements it.