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As editors, we see a lot of different personalities and modus operandis. We see many similarities and differences between editors. Sometimes we even see users who are too similar. Sometimes our experiences with certain users can make us prejudiced and stereotypical. Although it's not technically against policy in itself to be prejudiced, it is morally wrong and can conflict with the goals of the project. It is always important to assume good faith and that Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Prejudice is sometimes based on what other perceive in an editors' editing style, political views, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, gender, ethnicity, location, interests, employment, clique, or other personal details. Sometimes intentions are obvious; blatant sockpuppets and vandals who have been adequately warned have already been given a fair chance and should be dealt with appropriately. Similarly, NPOV issues should be handled accordingly. However, we should otherwise give all users a fair chance and not jump to conclusions; WP:AGF is one of Wikipedia's most important principles. It is also important that we remember that even the worst vandals may decide to change their ways and edit constructively.

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