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This troll is ready for feeding; note the collection of utensils on his belt.

A method of harassment sometimes utilized by trolls is to attempt provocation by means of leaving an unsavory message on a user's talk page, or somewhere similar where the user is destined to see it. Said user's best route to action is revert, block, ignore. However, some users do choose to engage with the troll, giving them the recognition they desire and thus escalating the situation. This is commonly referred to as "feeding the troll."

If you witness a situation like this, it might very well be tempting to hound on the troll. (Do not insult the vandal.) But "troll food," as is currently being fed to the troll, is not intended for Wikipedian consumption. The troll might try to eat you, should you attempt to eat their meal. Practice WP:DENY - do not add fuel to the fire, don't worsen the situation for the user at hand. Give the user a gentle push towards AIV, or whichever option is best depending on the situation, or file a request on their behalf.

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