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When making an edit or preforming some other action it might be helpful to discuss first to see if there are objections. In many cases this isn't necessary.


  • When adding content to a minor topic.
  • When moving an article due to a spelling error or otherwise violating the naming conventions.
  • When removing unsourced content (the burden usually lies of those wanting to keep it to provide a source).
  • When merging a permastub that hasn't been edited for a long time.
  • Making a change that might be controversial to a minor or not controversial topic that would very likely gain consensus anyway if discussed.

However this doesn't mean that one should go round unilaterally making changes that are reasonably controversial for example:

  • Adding or modifying a significant amount of content to a controversial, major or featured article.
  • Moving a major or controversial topic.
  • Removing content that may violate Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy that is disputed.

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