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This very brief essay is very similar in spirit to WP:NOSPADE. Calling an editor a troll can very rarely be justified, for the following reasons:

  • If the editor is a good faith editor, they become alienated and potentially irritated.
  • Accusations of trolling violate the spirit of WP:NPA
  • An editor who some may categorise as a troll may not be viewed as a troll by others.
  • If the edits made by an editor cannot be legitimately reverted due to their content, calling the editor a troll is a flat denial of WP:AGF.
  • Certain disruptive users may actually take pride in being labeled a troll.

It may be derived from this that if an editor displays troll-like behaviour, it should be the content of said editor's edits that are criticised, rather than the editor's general attitude or editing pattern. It is very likely that a troublesome editor will respond better to coherent discussion and assumptions of good faith than to accusations of trolling or disruption. A truly disruptive editor is likely to eventually exhaust the patience of the community through the content of their edits alone.

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