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Civility is good. Of course civility is good. But it can be carried too far.

Strained politeness is nearly as bad as rudeness.

When others can see that you are trying very hard to be polite, that you are yearning to explode and let your typing fingers pour streams of sarcasm and vulgarities onto the page, the effect is that they know that if you had slightly less self-restraint, you would be bombarding them with impassioned tirades.

Even worse, when you try to make everything politically correct, meaning is obscured. People already KNOW that you're talking about a sensitive issue. That's why you're being politically correct. However, carefully tiptoeing around potential landmines only results in a long circular discussion without any results. And it's patronising. It implies that you think others can't control themselves and will ignite a gigantic flame war just because of one misplaced word.

Be polite, by all means. Just don't go out of your way.