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Some things are common sense. Like, completely and utterly common sense. There are things that should never be done, no matter how much someone tells you it is a good idea. If someone told you that snorting ground plutonium would let you see the future, you wouldn't do it. If someone told you that climbing the Reichtag dressed as Spiderman was a good idea, you wouldn't do it. If someone told you that watching Pensacola: Wings of Gold for 48 hours straight would make you invincible, you wouldn't do it...because these things are ridiculous, dangerous, and it is common sense to not do them.

And yet, we sometimes forget how ridiculous things are. If someone wraps a dumb idea up in a pretty box and presents it to you, it is imperative to realize that no matter how well someone presents a dumb idea, it is still a dumb, stupid, lean-brained, numb-skulled idea.

Therefore, at the risk of suggesting bean-related things, I present the nowhere-near exhaustive list of things that are dumb, stupid, ignorant ideas that should never be attempted no matter how awesome someone says it will be. This list is not exhaustive, and any terrible, horrific and ridiculous ideas should be added immediately.

Things that are BAD IDEAS always and forever no matter what anyone says.[edit]

  1. Delete the main page
  2. Replace every verb in the depression article with the word "smile" in the hopes someone depressed will read it and feel better
  3. Remove all of the vowels on Wikipedia in order to "save space"
  4. Describe living famous people as "fictional"
  5. Train an elephant to edit Wikipedia for you
  6. Stab your eyes out with a fork before editing the article on blindness to get a "new perspective"
  7. Create a list of things you should never do on Wikipedia
  8. Add self-referential items to this list