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Wikipedia is a very large website and due to its open structure, places a huge load on the hardware keeping it running. It has experienced massive growth almost since its inception in early 2001 while having to rely solely on contributions from users. Despite all this, access to the site is becoming increasingly reliable, however in the case of downtime a basic note of it is added here. Details of what happened should be reserved for Wikipedia:Village pump (technical).


  • If you are unfamiliar with this page and want to report the status of Wikipedia, you should do so here.
  • Since this is manually updated, some downtime periods may not be listed.


All times in UTC/GMT


  • 19:19, 9th April -> 01:30, 10th April
- (confirmed) circuit breaker failure at Florida colo
  • 15:25, 19 April -> 18:30, 19 April
- (suspected) hardware-related power failure at Florida colo


  • 18th October
- (confirmed)