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EBSCO Information Services is a major US-based provider of library resources and information services. It manages a wide range of databases covering all subject areas. For more information see its website.

EBSCO's partnership with The Wikipedia Library includes one-year access to the following resources:


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Example citation

{{Cite journal|url = |title=Honeywell Acquires GEM|last = Mather|first = Lee|date = December 2004|journal = Advanced Packaging|accessdate = 7 October 2014|doi = |pmid = |volume = 13|issue = 12|page = 10}} {{subscription needed|via=[ EBSCO]'s Academic Search Complete}}
  • Mather, Lee (December 2004). "Honeywell Acquires GEM". Advanced Packaging. 13 (12): 10. Retrieved 7 October 2014.  – via EBSCO's Academic Search Complete (subscription required)


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