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New Jersey Education Task Force
A task force of WikiProject New Jersey

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Welcome to the New Jersey Education Task Force of WikiProject New Jersey. The purpose of the task force is to create and maintain school and education articles that pertain to the U.S. state of New Jersey. The task force is free for anyone to join, just add your name to the Members list. The hope is that this group will attract those interested in New Jersey school and education articles. As a group, we can help improve these articles.


The purpose of this project is to create a uniform format for New Jersey Education related articles and to expand those articles.


Related WikiProjects[edit]

WikiProject New Jersey - All New Jersey Articles; Parent wikiProject.

WikiProject Education - Aims to develop and standardize content related to education. WikiProject Education maintains and improves all articles within the Education category structure; parent wikiProject of WP Schools.


  • Carpetmaster101
  • User:Alansohn - I've created most of the school and school district articles in New Jersey. It's about time I joined the group.

Article Guidelines[edit]


All School articles should have a lead. Included here should be the student population, student teacher ratio, municipalities served by the school, and other general information about the school and or district, such as the year the school was opened.
Here, information about the schools athletics should be discussed. The school's league and nickname should be stated here. Also included here should be championships won by the school.
Here, the Principal(s) and vice principal(s) should be listed, along with any other administrators.
Notable Alumni
Here, notable alumni along with their later accomplishments should be listed.
Other Topics
Other topics that can be discussed are history, controversies, etc...

School districts[edit]

All school district articles should have a lead.
List of Schools
List of schools in the district.
District Administration
A list of the district administrators(Superintendent, etc...).


See the categories page

Infobox templates[edit]

A sample school infobox is below. Replace this information with the proper info for the school.

{{Infobox School
|name           = Absegami High School
|image          = 
|imagesize      = 
|motto          = 
|established    = 1972
|type           = [[Public high school]]
|affiliation    = 
|district       = [[Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District]]
|grades         = 9-12
|president      = 
|principal      = Jeri Lynn Gatto 
|viceprincipal  = Lynda Leahey<br>Michael Wilbraham
| enrollment    = 2,199 (as of 2005-06)<ref name=NCES/>
| faculty       = 148.0 (on [[full-time equivalent|FTE]] basis)<ref name=NCES/>
| ratio         = 14.9<ref name=NCES/>
|athletics      = 
|colors         = Brown and Gold {{color box|brown}}{{color box|gold}}
|nickname       = Braves
|conference     = [[Cape-Atlantic League]]
|free_label     = GEHRHSD
|free_text      = '''Absegami High School''' <br> [[Cedar Creek High School]] <br> [[Oakcrest High School]]
|free_label2    = Communities served
|free_text2     = [[Galloway Township, New Jersey|Galloway Township]], [[Egg Harbor City, New Jersey|Egg Harbor City]]
|location       = 201 South Wrangleboro Road<br>[[Galloway Township, New Jersey|Galloway]], [[New Jersey|NJ]] 08205
|information    = 609-652-1372
|country        = {{USA}}
|coordinates    = 
|website        = [ School website]