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WikiProject Electrical engineering
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Generators in a hydroelectric power station
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Welcome to WikiProject Electrical engineering, we are a group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to electrical engineering. If you are interested in helping us, please feel free to add your name at the list of participants. For more information on WikiProjects in general, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and the Guide to WikiProjects.


  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of electrical engineering by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles.
  • To serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to electrical engineering in Wikipedia.
  • To help coordinate the work of related WikiProjects.
  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles within the scope of electrical engineering.


The project generally considers any article related to Electrical engineering to be within its scope.

See the following to find articles within our scope:

Open tasks[edit]

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Article alerts[edit]

Pages can still be rescued even when the project becomes inactive

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Please feel free to add your name here and indicate your areas of particular interest, if you like.

User Areas of interest Comments
Shriram (talk) Electrical machines, Power system, Electric traction Electrical engineer (talk) Electronics, EE, Comp Eng, Power Eng my IP rotates
SchreyP (talk) Electrical and Electronics engineering, Computer science Electronics engineer in Control systems
Chongkian (talk) Electricity generation, Power transmission, Electric power distribution, List of electricity sectors Power engineer
 Buaidh  Electric power engineering
Software engineering
Licensed Professional Engineer retired as a staff trial engineer and expert witness for a public utilities commission
Lynch7 Industrial drives May not be able to contribute much due to lack of all-round knowledge!
ABHIRAM Power Electronics, Transmission & Distribution, Industrial Drives, Power Systems Electrical Engineer
Mabuhelwa (talk) Electrical machines, Power systems, Control systems Electrical engineer
Nanoatzin (talk) Electrical machines, Power systems, power system protection, Electric power conversion, Control systems, radar, computing, signal processing, real-time computing, Reliability (engineering), technical writing Education: Electrical engineer (bachelors) and Information systems (masters). Experience: 30+ years in all aspects of radar, RF communication, power systems, power conversion, computing systems, combat systems, missile systems, and related technologies. Considerable collateral knowledge in related fields including chemistry, fluid mechanics, and logistics.
Constant314 (talk) Fundamentals, engineering ethics, random processes, electromagnetic theory, transmission lines, TDR Electrical engineer, Professional Engineer, most of my experience has been with telecom instrumentation
Cblambert (talk) Electrical apparatus and substations, motor control, engineering history, electrical machines, power electronics including especially drives. Electrical engineer, professional engineer, heavy industry project and manufacturing background.
Franta Oashi (talk) Electroengineer

Mark viking (talk) Digital signal processing, Electronics, Artificial intelligence Physicist with an interest in signal processing and electronics
Kunalrks (talk) Electrical engineering student. Interested in doing research and analysis in Electrical Engineering and core sciences.
Freshman404Talk Electrical Engineering, control systems Electrical engineering student
Tara Zieminek (talk) Electrical Protection Systems, Control Systems, Grounding, SCADA, Electronics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Power Generation, Electric generator Technical writer. BSc Computer Engineering.
RossSLynch (talk · contribs)|RossSLynch(talk)
EEthug (talk) Electrical Engineer
DeadFire999 (talk) Energy Generation and Conservation
vinitp2004 (talk) Electrical Engineering, AC/DC Circuits and transmission, Digital Signal Processing, Electronics BSEE
DancerEE (talk) Electronics, EM physics, Regulatory Compliance WA PE
Chetvorno (talk) History of radio, combating pseudoscience BSEE