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Jimbo Wales 13:08, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

Editor of the Week[edit]

Editor of the Week is a recognition award for unsung heroes: editors who do excellent work in improving Wikipedia while typically going unnoticed. A recipient of Editor of the Week ideally has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Writes or significantly expands articles on a regular basis.
  • Cleans up articles by, for example, adding sources, expanding citations with the necessary information, aligning prose with the manual of style, or improving the quality of the prose through copy-editing (such as making the text more concise and removing redundant wording).
  • Serves as notable voice of reason in discussions with other editors.
  • Performs behind-the-scenes work, not normally seen by the general community.

While there are many well-known editors who meet these criteria, the intent is to recognize someone less celebrated yet deserving of greater renown. As admins typically have already been recognized for their work, please limit your nominations to non-admins.

The Editor of the Week recognition is intended to demonstrate appreciation of an editor's positive behaviours and collaborative spirit. Recipients aren't expected to be positively perfect in every way; if you encounter editors with sustained patterns of excellence, please feel free to nominate them!


To nominate an editor for Editor of the Week, add your nomination to the nominations page. It should be around 100–200 words, describing why the editor should be recognized, including specific tasks and behaviours that are beneficial to the encyclopedia and the community. If accepted, your nomination will be posted to the recipient's talk page, so make it a good one—recipients appreciate knowing the precise actions that you are recognizing!

Once nominated, the clerks for the Editor of the Week program will discuss the nomination, and reach a consensus on whether or not it is accepted. All accepted nominations are placed in a queue for the Editor of the Week. On Sunday evening, a clerk will present the Editor of the Week award to the editor at the top of the queue. On Tuesday of the week following an "Eddybox" (the current Eddybox for this week can be seen on the right) is also added to the recipient's page.

Additional guidelines[edit]

An editor can be recognized as Editor of the Week no more than once in a 12-month period.

Administrators, while deserving, are not eligible to receive the Editor of the Week award.

When discussing a nomination to reach a consensus on its acceptance, please focus on the editor's praiseworthy characteristics and word any concerns as positively and constructively as possible. It isn't necessary for a nominee to be a perfect editor—the Editor of the Week initiative is designed to spotlight the specific beneficial behaviours and actions described in the nomination.

2013 Recipients of Editor of the Week aka The Eddy[edit]

Recipient Date awarded Reason
Kelvinsong January 13, 2013 Information graphics
EricEnfermero January 20, 2013 Sports article work
Coal town guy January 27, 2013 Creating new articles
Diiscool February 3, 2013 Timelines
benzband February 10, 2013 Project Punk
Wetman February 17, 2013 A decade of high quality contributions
Always Learning February 24, 2013 Collaboration with editors in multiple languages
Another Believer March 3, 2013 Key contributions to WikiProject Oregon
Bleaney March 10, 2013 All around contributions to articles
Sagaciousphil March 17, 2013 Work on WikiProject Dogs
BlueMoonset March 24, 2013 Work on Did you know project and Glee-related articles
Surtsicna March 31, 2013 High quality contributions on Noble families
Anna Frodesiak April 7, 2013 Friendly spirit and quality article creation
Anne Delong April 14, 2013 Being an ideal newcomer
Tomobe03 April 21, 2013 Croation geography
FeydHuxtable April 28, 2013 Article Rescue Squad
Delaywaves May 5, 2013 Baseball related photos
Dismas May 12, 2013 Reference desk
Closeapple May 19, 2013 Radio/TV/Illinois
Yzx May 26, 2013 5 Dozen Quality articles
Petrarchan47 June 2, 2013 Contributions to BP and Deepwater Horizon
Cerebellum June 9, 2013 Kindness and diligence
GregorB June 16, 2013 Team Player
Chiswick Chap June 23, 2013 Improving Prose
Philipmj24 June 30, 2013 Prolific article creator
Ignatzmice July 7, 2013 Managing Editor Behavior
John of Reading July 14, 2013 Typos/Help Desk/WP:Portals
Lugnuts July 21, 2013 15000 Articles
Ammodramus July 28, 2013 Photographs and Article work
Obiwankenobi August 4, 2013 Categorization and DYK
Titodutta August 11, 2013 Content and attitude
Indian Chronicles August 18, 2013 Great references
Gandydancer August 25, 2013 Socially responsible editing
Mohamed CJ September 1, 2013 Articles of Nobility
Batard0 September 8, 2013 Cleveland Browns articles
Eric Corbett September 15, 2013 Workmanship
MusiCitizen September 22, 2013 Article creation
1ST7 September 29, 2013 Great beginning
Brambleberry of RiverClan October 6, 2013 Maintaining articles
N/A October 13, 2013 N/A
Gwillhickers October 20, 2013 Excellent content work
Nishidani October 27, 2013 Diplomacy
PiCo November 3. 2013 Religious articles
Ssriram mt November 10, 2013 Hinduism article improvements
Mandarax November 17, 2013 Quiet and skillful edits
Jackson Peebles November 24, 2013 In Memoriam
ComputerJA December 1, 2013 Hard work, no Drama
WikiRedactor December 8, 2013 Pop-music Articles
331dot December 15, 2013 In the News and Today's Article for Improvement
Derek R Bullamore December 22. 2013 Blues and Jazz

2014 Recipients of Editor of the Week aka The Eddy[edit]

Recipient Date awarded Reason
Neonblak January 05, 2014 Diligent baseball editing
Muboshgu January 12, 2014 A True Veteran
Pyrotec January 19, 2014 Hundreds of GA reviews
Gaijin42 January 26, 2014 Fosters neutrality on articles related to gun control
Cwmhiraeth February 02, 2014 Brings articles to Featured and Good Quality
SiefkinDR February 09, 2014 Quality editing
Fenix down February 16, 2014 Expands the worldwide impact of Wikipedias collection of knowledge
Zeorymer February 23, 2014 Contributes and advances the aims of Wikipedia
Mhockey March 2, 2014 A local historian and editor
Dmarquard March 9, 2014 Creating a new and timely article
Anypodetos March 16, 2014 A positive forwarding force
Hafspajen March 23, 2014 Enthusiastic outreach to fellow editors
Phenss March 30, 2014 Turns stubs into viable articles
DrGregMN April 6, 2014 Articles about remote towns and places
gracefool April 13, 2014 Nice, bold and peaceful, and makes Wikipedia a friendlier place.
Bloom6132 April 20, 2014 Great contributions particularly related to baseball.
MelanieN April 26, 2014 Long-term excellence in articles and mediation
We hope May 4, 2014 Improves Wikipedia's photographic resources
Jytdog May 11, 2014 Brings balance and sourcing to controversial articles
Boleyn May 18, 2014 Creating a plethora of disambiguation pages
Dainomite May 25, 2014 Excellent work in the military subject area
WonderBoy1998 June 1, 2014 Outstanding work on music-related articles
Coretheapple June 8, 2014 Old school values, common sense approach and discussion contributions
Philg88 June 15, 2014 Tireless article development and great WikiFriend to many
Alexbrn June 22, 2014 Safeguarding Medical articles from quackery
Iryna Harpy June 29, 2014 Outstanding work on reducing editor conflict on articles about ex-Soviet
Soundofmusicals July 6, 2014 Gets facts right and references them properly
Illegitimate Barrister July 13, 2014 Outstanding copyediting
Viriditas July 20, 2014 Helpful beyond the confines of Wikipedia alone
Catflap08 July 27, 2014 Hard work and focus
Smallbones August 3, 2014 Excellence in combating paid editing
CZmarlin August 10, 2014 Eight years of making Wikipedia a better place
Skysmith August 17, 2014 Solid content veteran
Dr. Blofeld August 24, 2014 Outstanding article work
Piguy101 August 31. 2014 Contributing to the education of a newbie
Maile66 September 7, 2014 Extensive work at DYK
Bob305 September 14, 2014 Tireless work and exceptional technical skill
Davey2010 September 21, 2014 Always a Positive Participant
Cplakidas September 28, 2014 Exceptional Editing Efforts
Sriram Vikram October 5, 2014 Film-related work
Moswento October 12, 2014 AGF ... it's that simple
Belle October 19, 2014 DYK that Belle does great work at DYK?
Figureskating fan October 26, 2014 Strong GA work
BrianGroen November 2, 2014 Outstanding work on Ebola-related articles
Curly Turkey November 9, 2014 Sterling content work
Mattlore November 16, 2014 Content work with rugby and New Zealand politics
Baffle gab1978 November 23, 2014 Excellence with GOCE
Double sharp November 30, 2014 Strong chemistry-related contributions
Cullen328 December 7, 2014 Teahouse work
BlackCab December 14, 2014 Outstanding work with Jehovah's Witness articles
StAnselm December 21, 2014 Content development
Maranjosie December 28, 2014 Strong contributions to articles on female-related topics

2015 Recipients of Editor of the Week aka The Eddy[edit]

Recipient Date awarded Reason
Dr Greg January 4, 2015 Strong contributions to North West England articles
J3Mrs January 11, 2015 Outstanding content contributions
BoringHistoryGuy January 18, 2015 95% of edits to article space
Bernard Mc Nally January 25, 2015 Terrific defense of Christianity-related articles
Darylgolden February 1, 2015 Embodying true characteristics of an EotW
OccultZone February 8, 2015 Hidden maintenance tasks
Carptrash February 15, 2015 Great article work, specifically related to post offices
Mmeijeri February 22, 2015 Facilitating NPOV in Christianity-related articles
Howicus March 1, 2015 Supporting other editors with a positive attitude
Mandruss March 8, 2015 Article work
Cowlibob March 15, 2015 Excellent FLC work
I dream of horses March 22, 2015 An unsung hero of the encyclopedia
Contaldo80 March 29, 2015 Workhorse article contributor
Jweaver28 April 5, 2015 Quiet article contributions sans drama
Kikichugirl April 12, 2015 Prolific AFC work
Liz April 19, 2015 Housekeeping
Technical 13 April 26, 2015 Being a strong voice for technically-oriented editors
TheMesquito May 3, 2015 "Getting it right"
Ritchie333 May 10, 2015 Excellent work saving articles nominated for deletion
No award distributed May 17, 2015 N/A
Chris the speller May 24, 2015 AWB work
Intothatdarkness May 31, 2015 Steady Work
Buffaboy June 7, 2015 Keeping cool in a hostile talk environment
Invertzoo June 14, 2015 Passionate, Polite and Persistent
Jessicapierce June 21, 2015 Copyediting, plain and simple
No award distributed June 28, 2015 N/A
Robert McClenon July 5, 2015 Conflict resolution
NQ July 12, 2015 Improving available sources
DragonZero July 19, 2015 Long-term efforts to improve WP
IllaZilla July 26, 2015 Hard work and dedication
Nableezy August 2, 2015 Quality editing in a contentious arena
Yimingbao August 9, 2015 Expanding and updating tables & numbers
Televiv1 August 16, 2015 Diplomacy
Alessandro57 August 23,2015 Skillfull diligence
Quinto Simmaco August 30, 2015 Helping new editors
Kokoro20 September 6, 2015 Steady work
Favre1fan93 September 13, 2015 Hard work and dedication
No award distributed September 20, 2015 N/A
Gene93k September 29, 2015 Seven years of dedication
Rodw October 4, 2015 Expand featured and good articles
GoingBatty October 11, 2015 Hundreds of thousands of corrections via Bots
Huldra October 18, 2015 Courage and endurance
Kraxler October 25, 2015 An article creating machine
Spanneraol November 1, 2015 Keeping WP up-dated and current
Zussman1 November 8, 2015 Determined to contribute
Eposty November 15, 2015 Facilitates team standings for MLB
Hoppyh November 22, 2015 Skilled work on US presidential articles
Wwikix November 29, 2015 Increasing WP's information
Zanhe December 6, 2015 Author of 700 articles
GermanJoe December 13, 2015 Quality assistance
Charles01 December 27, 2015 Monitoring and editing

2016 Recipients of Editor of the Week aka The Eddy[edit]

Recipient Date awarded Reason
VQuakr January 3, 2016 Helps new editors
Msnicki January 10, 2016 Respects a pleasant work space
MarnetteD January 17, 2016 Quietly making WP better
Voceditenore January 24, 2016 10th Anniversary
Donnie Park January 31, 2016 Quality Editing
Edge3 February 7, 2016 Develops Good articles
Amortias February 14, 2016 Superb clerking
No award distributed February 21, 2016 N/A
Martinevans123 February 28, 2016 Positive editor and communicator
Happysquirrel March 6, 2016 Creates friendly beginnings
Jaespinoza March 13, 2016 Maker of Music articles
CLCStudent March 20,2016 Vandal Fighter
No award distributed March 27, 2016 Easter Sunday
SusunW April 3, 2016 Women in Red
WikiPancake (formerly The Pancake of Heaven!) April 10, 2016 Spirit of Camaraderie
Saff V. April 17, 2016 Solid work on Islam
Jetstreamer April 24, 2016 Any articles to do with airplanes
Giso6150 April 31, 2016 WikiProject Brazil
Bradv May 8, 2016 All Around Helpful Editor
Shearonink May 15, 2016 Great help and Loyal Friend
Ukexpat May 22, 2016 Thousands of helpful moments
No award distributed May 29, 2016 Transitional Period
Hordaland June 5, 2016 Sleep-related articles
Adrian J. Hunter June 12, 2016 Helping new editors
No award distributed June 19, 2016 New schedule for awards implementation
Thewellman June 25, 2016 Wide range of articles
Boghog July 2, 2016 Science-related articles
Seppi333 July 9, 2016 Pharmacology-related articles
Megalibrarygirl July 16, 2016 Women's issues and related work
SummerPhDv2.0 July 23, 2016 Discussion catalyst
No award distributed July 30, 2016
Michael Barera August 6, 2016 Cumulative contributions
No award distributed August 13, 2016
Corinne August 20, 2016 Exceptional copyediting
Nvvchar August 27, 2016 Geography-related edits
FunkMonk September 3, 2016 Work relating to extinct animals
Ghmyrtle September 10, 2016 A decade of dedicated contributions
Ipigott September 17, 2016 Multilingual promoted content additions
Peter I. Vardy September 24, 2016 Among others, contributions to churches
Teblick October 1, 2016 Old radio programs
Dawnseeker2000 October 8, 2016 Vandalism patrol and WikiGnoming
Mjrmtg October 15, 2016 Commons contributions
Irondome October 22, 2016 Remarkable diplomacy
Strike Eagle October 29, 2016 Featured Indian military work
Hmlarson November 5, 2016 Women's football articles
AJona1992 November 12, 2016 Featured work on Selena and related articles
ThePlatypusofDoom November 19, 2016 Diversified diligence
Zawed November 26, 2016 Military history work
Lincolning December 3, 2016 MLB diligence
PatTag2659 December 10, 2016 Obama timelines
Masterknighted December 17, 2016 Dedication in behind-the-scenes work
Sturmvogel 66 December 24, 2016 Ship destubifications
No award distributed December 31, 2016

2017 Recipients of Editor of the Week aka The Eddy[edit]

Recipient Date awarded Reason
Yoninah January 7, 2017 Collaboration in content creation
Cambalachero January 14, 2017 FA and DYK work
TylerDurden8823 January 21, 2017 Improving medical articles
White Arabian Filly January 28, 2017 Writing and expanding horse articles
SuperHamster February 4, 2017 On-wiki and off-wiki efforts
3family6, Figureskatingfan, Jaguar, MrWooHoo, Zwerg Nase February 11, 2017 Serving on GA Cup judging team
ColinFine February 18, 2017 Assisting fellow editors
Exemplo347 February 25, 2017 Work with new editors
Lutzv March 4, 2017 'Trouble-free' encyclopedia building
Bruce1ee March 11, 2017 Long–term article work
Wcherowi March 18, 2017 Mathematics–related contributions
Chhandama March 26, 2017 Extensive article–space contributions
No award distributed April 1, 2017
Steel1943 April 8, 2017 Gnomish maintenance work
Treybien April 15, 2017 Extensive article improvements
Brigade Piron April 23, 2017 Diligent article editing


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Administrative procedures[edit]

To-do list[edit]

  • Weekly todo list for processing nominations and announcing recipients each week.
  • Backlog todo list for creating infoboxes for previously accepted Editor of the Week nominees.

Processing nominations[edit]

Announcing recipients[edit]