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Image of Wikipedia's main page with the message "You have new Messages". Caption underneath reads "ANXIETY: Drinking a 12 pack, smoking a bowl, editing Wikipedia until you pass out, and this is the first thing you see when you wake up."
Note to self: Next time, smoke your illegal drug of choice after editing Wikipedia...

Editing Under the Influence refers to editing while not in one's usual state of mind. This can obviously have a variety of meanings but results in an editor reviewing their edits on the next day and universally proclaiming "I wrote that?" and back-tracking to amend their pronouncements of the prior eve. (The first and bolded twenty-two reasons are from the original page.)

  • Please add reasons: To be fair, please add your reason/contribution at the end of the list. If you are reading this then you maybe are suffering maybe paranoia perhaps (or not) ...

These edits may occur as the result of:

  1. Extreme emotional or giddy disturbance.
  2. An intense desire to get away from the family right now.
  3. An enlightenment as the result of too much acetaminophen. (In that case you should maybe get your liver checked ... or check if those pills were really what you think they were.)
  4. Because the ambien walrus told me so...
  5. An excuse to escape from what needs to be done tonight.
  6. Don't bother me, this is important.
  7. That last glass of wine made me see things so much more clearly.
  8. I finally figured out what to say to Jimbo to make him respond.
  9. Time's running out, I better finish, I'm late for....
  10. Too late to go to bed anyway so I may as well WP for a while.
  11. If I look like this is important & intense then they won't bother me.
  12. Hmmm, TV sucks tonight, I think I'll make the internet not suck, (Ooooh).
  13. I'll just keep typing and someday they'll thank me.
  14. I'm tired, hungry, and thirsty, but 4,500,000 is right around the corner.
  15. I completely forgot to write that thing that I came to write!
  16. I read about the Wikipedia widow thing and that's definitely not me.
  18. I have to keep writing, it's for my kid's future for God's sake.
  19. I'll need to tell everyone tomorrow what I did for mankind tonight.
  20. I'll show that user Raul that he's ....he's... well...well he knows it all (and he does).
  21. I came on online to tune my guitar but then... geesh!
  22. Influence? influence? Who me? No way man. I'm definitely not influenced by nobody, ya hear?
  23. I can do this because I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.[dead link]
  24. Sandbox? What sandbox?
  25. My calculus homework is impossible tonight! Maybe some editing will help me think.
  26. I've had the most unbelievably crap day and fought with everyone. I need to edit so I can cool off.
  27. Having thought that flame-war over with a drink or three, I've just come up with the most incredibly clever and witty answer Which unfortunately won't fit in the margin.
  28. If I don't add one last comment to that closed discussion, I will go insane.Wait, I'll sort this out, it can't be closed, not now, they didn't even make it grammatical/reach consensus/solve the answer to life, the universe and everything!
  29. Having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.
  30. I've drunk ten cups of the strongest coffee, and made the mistake of drinking ten more just so I could hog the coffee table while I edit Wikipedia.
  31. Editing under influence just because I can.
  32. I need to listen to all 10,000 songs on my iPod while doing something.
  33. I need to do something constructive, and Wikipedia just happens to be something I can construct something on, therefore counting as being constructive.
  34. My pet hamster is hogging the TV because it's time to watch Airplane!
  35. I have extreme diarrhea and am not wanting to do homework.
  36. I need to educate future generations about editing under the influence.
  37. I am in the middle of law school finals, I edit to think about something else.
  38. I am in the middle of mastering my "English Lit" major with Arts minor. I can idly ad lib ad infinitem with essayist flair.
  39. Because I just read the whole list and still don't understand what "hogging" means... (Praise Urban Dictionary!)
  40. PornHub is offline, so I have to release some steam by editing.
  41. What else am I supposed to do when I had one too many shots and gotta take a poopsy?

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