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This WikiProject aims to organise and improve articles relating to Education in the United Kingdom


Our main aim is to bring all articles within the scope of this project up to a minimum standard.

Roughly in order of priority.

  1. Recruit more users to the project.
  2. Assess how many 'Education in the UK' articles there are.
  3. Make sure each article has the correct category and infobox.
  4. Reassess once these things have been completed.

Longer term aims

  1. Assess all articles in terms of quality.
  2. Develop new infoboxes for certain topic areas.
  3. Try and improve all Stub Class articles to Start Class by adding more information or merging similar articles.
  4. Make sure all articles are free from Improvement Banners for example Outdated or Needs references (These will be a high priority of the project)

Minimum standards[edit]

Schools: This version of Bedminster Down School, Bristol should be used as a template or/and minimum standard for all schools articles.
1) Giving the schools location (coordinates)
2) Infobox with as many sections as possible filled out
3) All points made should be referenced, and have a reflist
4) Information on GCSE results
5) Current logo of the school

Additional information[edit]

1) Picture of school

Article assessments[edit]

Importance Scale[edit]

If an article meets any of the requirements of each level of importance then, that is the ranking it needs.


  1. One line articles (We need to make sure all articles we cover actually have a purpose)


  1. Article requires an Infobox


  1. If the article is currently only a "Stub article"


  1. Article requires a picture
  2. If the article is currently rated Start or above

Example if you have an article that is rated Start but it DOES NOT have an infobox its' importance would be High.

Parent projects[edit]


Please add your details below.

Name Areas of interest Location
Mark999 (talk) All Bristol
CT Cooper · talk Mostly Hampshire Hampshire
JZCL 20:53, 23 February 2012 (UTC) East Anglia is my primary concern Essex
N8udd (talk) All Devon


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Current status[edit]

The above table shows the state of this WikiProject. To view historical, monthly totals, see project progress.

To do list[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Education in the United Kingdom:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Article requests : Create page for criteria for quality/importance of articles in the project