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Thousands of students in hundreds of courses have edited the English Wikipedia as part of the Education Program. Information about the courses is spread out over multiple pages, reflecting developments in the organization of the program and the tools available. The sections below are listed according to the level of recent activity as of 2017.

This page does not generally list courses active on Wikipedias in languages other than English.

Wiki Education Foundation Dashboard[edit]

The Wiki Education Foundation supports the Education Program in the United States and Canada. Since Fall 2014, courses it supports have been listed at the Wiki Ed Dashboard. The "Explore" tab brings up a list of "campaigns", including lists of courses for specific terms.

Education Program extension[edit]

In 2012 the Education Program MediaWiki extension was activated. Between 2013 and 2015, most courses used its course page system, involving special pages in the Education Program namespace created by users with special rights to do so. As of 2016, a small number of courses continue to use the extension, although it is still active on other Wikipedias. Note that some courses from 2014 and 2015 are duplicated on the Wiki Ed Dashboard and the course page extension. On June 30, 2018, the Education Extension was shut down.[1]

Programs & Events Dashboard[edit]

Due to interest in the Dashboard from those outside of the United States and Canada, and thus outside of the Wiki Education Foundation's supported area, the Wikimedia Foundation hosts another version of the software called the Programs & Events Dashboard, modified for use in contexts outside of education and open for use by anyone. Courses (and other activities) which have used this tool can be located in the same way as the Wiki Ed Dashboard, but by selecting the "Find Programs" tab rather than "Explore".

Wikipedia:School and university projects[edit]

Some courses as far back as 2003 have been listed at Wikipedia:School and university projects, including many which are also listed through the course page extension.

Education Program projectspace[edit]

The Education Program in the United States and Canada maintained lists of classes in its projectspace between 2011-2014. First the two countries were listed separately, and then combined.

Public Policy Initiative[edit]

The Public Policy Initiative was the 2010-2011 project which led to formation of the Education Program.

Lists of participating classes:


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