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MMM... Schweinshaxe 'n beer

Every now and then, an editor will come along and cite the German Wikipedia's policy disallowing any fair use images or their inordinate preponderance of quality articles or their success in compiling and publishing a DVD.


We have our own policies, our own culture, and our own processes to explain and cover stuff. We don't need a clear and indisputable policy on copyrighted content. Our process of encouraging and maintaining Featured Articles works just fine. And hey, we did put out a CD-ROM! (see

The German Wikipedia may have a better ratio of quality free content, but we have three times as many articles, four times as many Good articles, five times as many Featured lists, and 70% more Featured articles than the German Wikipedia.

As an aside, English does not use German capitalization style, and hasn't since some time around the late 1700s. When in doubt, do not capitalize. See Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Capital letters for more information.

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