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  • This is meant to be very much like XD6, but remains agnostic as to the final disposition of the article.
  • This is a work in progress, and should be expected to change.
  • This process is an approximation of the combined efforts at Pure wiki deletion system and Uncontested deletions (see also Wikipedia:Deletion reform)
  • This can also be used to delay a speedy deletion. Many editors criticise speedying articles too soon after creation, even if it's obvious junk, on the assumption that it might improve. XD7 is one possible compromise.
  • This method can be used differently by different editors, according to their preferences. My reasons for preferring it at listed here.

How to Delete a Page[edit]

Please take the time to update the log if possible!
  1. Replace page contents with: {{XD7|reason}}
  2. Done!
  3. Watch page and talk page for reverts and/or discussion.
  4. Some editors feel that insofar as XD is an approximation of pure wiki deletion, XD'd pages don't need to be hard-deleted or listed on Afd. Some editors feel that leaving such things around is "messy". There is also some disagreement on how long a period of time is suitable for leaving things in this state. Remember, deletion transparency is only achieved by not actually hard-deleting pages, so if you consider that an advantage, don't actually delete the pages.


See XD7/Example
  • Note left on page linking old version and inviting discussion on talk page
  • Parameter reason left as part of message.
  • Page placed in Category:XD7

Template Appearance[edit]


  • Edit the template: {{XD7}}