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Thank you for taking the time to update this log, without this the experiment is truly useless!!! Please add new entries to the bottom of the respective lists.


Contested and kept[edit]

saved entire AfD process, yehaw
  1. Bobaworld (XD2)
  2. (XD2)
  3. Green technology
  4. Golborne High School
  5. Woe betide
  6. Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (xd6)
  7. Quelt (xd6)

Changed to redirect[edit]

saved from AfD process
  1. Kestral (XD1)
  2. The grimmerie
  3. Kathal (xd6) (suggested to Kollywood, followup)


  1. Astonish

Moved to afd[edit]

ended up at AfD (if deleted, histories now unaccessible to review unlike xd)
summary (#/#/#)
  1. Joe McGee (XD1)
  2. Dansway (XD2) (afd)
  3. ASmallWorld (XD2) (kept, alexa 2.5k, afd)
  4. (XD2) (afd)
  5. Bakotopia (XD2) (afd)
  6. Christfister (XD2) (afd)
  7. Christy odom (XD2) (afd)
  8. IsraPundit (XD2) (borderline, afd)
  9. Listology (XD2) (afd)
  10. Dana ste.claire (afd)
  11. Burr Oak Tool and Gauge (merge/redirect, afd)
  12. Condorcet Instant Runoff Voting (afd)
  13. Wired-Eyes (xd6) (afd)
  14. TAME (xd6) (afd)
  15. Selita Ebanks (xd6) (afd)
  16. Wind Blossom (xd6) (afd)


  1. Bixby corn (XD2)
  2. David Qualey (XD2)
  3. (XD2)
  4. CIKM (XD2)
  5. Appleby Medical Centre
  6. Hoolin
  7. ILoserMan
  8. MOTTO-The Postcard Mag
  9. Miss Chrystal
  10. Nostramo (world)
  11. Yake
  12. Suzanne Frank
  13. Rutgers University: debate on football content
  14. Q Styles Infinity
  15. Coon broom