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New pages patrol editors should use this protocol if you feel that a new article fails WP:MUSIC, or if you plan to apply a {{Db-band}} to an article and generate the concern:

It is an article about a band, singer, musician, or musical ensemble that does not indicate the importance or significance of the subject. (CSD A7)

You may also follow these steps to tag it for a proposed deletion if you think that a speedy deletion may be premature.

  1. Put {{Flag-article}} on the Discussion page.
  2. Put {{Flag-editor}} on the author's Talk page.
  3. Put {{Prod}} or {{Db-band}} on the Article.
  4. MOVE ON.

If you are an inclusionist, then you can use this protocol to flag articles and editors for cleanups during some future session, in which case the 3rd Step becomes, "Put some lipstick on this pig." :-)

Your initial reason for considering the article for deletion may be lack of any Attribution whatsoever, but remember that is not grounds for an A7 speedy delete:

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

It is the author's responsibility to find reliable source references, but just because there are none currently in the article does not mean that none can be found by a simple Google search … if you do not have time to look for them at the moment, then flag the article for further review later.

See: WP:FLAG-BIO for additional boilerplates.

1st Step: Flag the article[edit]

Place the following {{Flag-article}} on the article's Discussion page. (If it already has messages, you may omit the {{Talk header}} template.)

{{Talk header}}
{{subst:Flag-article|EditorName|Music|header=1}} — ~~~~

Don't forget the edit summary:

"Talk header – 1st contact"

2nd Step: Alert the author[edit]

Place the following {{Flag-editor}} on the author's Talk page. (If they already have messages, you may omit the {{Welcome}} template, or substitute another one if you prefer, like {{Nn-welcome}}.)

{{subst:Flag-editor|ArticleName|Music|header=1}} — ~~~~

3rd Step: Tag the article[edit]

{{subst:Prod|Article lacks sufficient [[WP:Attribution|]] for
[[WP:Verifiability|]] of the [[WP:BAND]] notability criteria}}
     … or …


Edit summary:

"{{Prod}} | {{Db-band}} – see Discussion page"

And don't forget to notify the author:

"{{subst:Proposed deletion notify|ArticleName}} — ~~~~"


"{{subst:nn-warn|ArticleName|header=1}} — ~~~~"

4th Step: MOVE ON[edit]

If the author removes the CSD tag, there's already a {{Drmspeedy1}} on their Talk page in a comment field from the Second Step … all you have to do is remove the comment brackets … you don't even have to do a copy&paste to warn them. :-)

If a Discussion page still has not gone redlink after 24 hours, then you may assume that:

  • it's already been revisited at least once already
  • Some Other Editor has declined it since your last visit, but they neglected to ping you.

This means it's time to either:

(a) consider whether you want to try to improve the article by searching for evidence of notability,
(b) involve the rest of the community with an AfD, or else
(c) delete it from your watchlist and MOVE ON.

If you do decide to go to AfD, then in general it is a good idea to co-nominate musicians and their albums.