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This star, with one point broken, symbolizes the featured candidates on Wikipedia.

Featured sounds is a list of sounds that add significantly to articles, either by illustrating article content particularly well, or being so striking to the ear that users will want to read the accompanying article. Exemplifying the idea of audio as the "medium of the imagination", the sounds featured on Wikipedia:Featured sounds should illustrate a Wikipedia article in such a way as to add significantly to that article. Sounds that are striking but do not illustrate an article may become featured on the Wikimedia Commons.

If you believe a sound meets the criteria to be featured, please follow the instructions for nominating new sounds below. Conversely, if you believe a featured sound no longer meets the criteria, please follow the instructions for delisting below.

If a nomination:
(i) has at least three !votes, including that of the original nominator, of which a supermajority (at least two-thirds) are in support
(ii) has addressed all actionable shortcomings in relation to the Featured Sounds Criteria
(iii) has been on this page at least seven days

then it may be added to the Featured sounds list. Nominations are allowed to run until such a consensus emerges. This process is overseen by the FS directors:Adam Cuerden, Guerillero, M.O.X and X!.

See Wikipedia:Media for some information on dealing with audio on Wikipedia. For a general list of sounds on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Sound/list.

To see recent changes, purge the page cache.

Featured content:

Featured sound tools:

FSCs needing feedback
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Step 1: Evaluate

Evaluate the merit of a nomination against the featured sound criteria. Most users reference terms from this page when evaluating nominations.

  • Does it have good encyclopedic value?
  • Is the recording quality good for its age?
  • How does it add to the articles on which it is included?
  • Does it illustrate the subject appropriately?
Step 2: Create a subpage
Regular nominations

Create a page to place the sound on; this page needs to be a subpage of Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates. To create your own subpage, add a title for the sound you want to nominate in the form below (e.g., Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates/Memphis Blues) and click the "Create new nomination" button.

Delists and replaces

To nominate an already-promoted featured sound to be delisted or to be replaced with a new file, use the following edit box:

Step 3: Transclude and link

Add the newly created subpage to the top of the Featured sound candidate list (direct link). Use this format: {{Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates/YOURSUBPAGE}}

  • Add  {{FSC|SUBPAGENAME}}  to the nominated sound's page. This inserts the featured sound candidate template, to let the original contributor and other interested parties know that the sound is up for voting.

If you have problems formatting your nomination, someone else will fix it, don't worry! If you wish to simply add your nomination to this page without creating the subpage, that is OK as someone else will create the subpage. The important piece of information is the pointer to the sound, and the reason for the nomination.

How to comment

  • In regular nominations:
    • If you think a sound would make a good featured sound, write Support followed by your reasons.
    • If you think there's a problem with the nomination, write Oppose followed by your reasons. Where possible, objections should provide a specific rationale that can be addressed.
  • In delist nominations:
    • Use Delist to vote to remove the file from the featured sounds list.
    • Use Delist and replace to indicate you wish it to be delisted, but then replaced with a proposed alternative.
    • Use Keep to vote to keep the file as a featured sound.
  • To change your vote, strike it out (with <s>...</s>) rather than removing it.
Editing candidates

If you feel you could improve a candidate through noise reduction, click removal or other aesthetic modifications, please feel free to do so, but do not overwrite or remove the original. Instead, upload your edit with the same file name appending "edit" to the end, and list it with the original nomination. Edits should be appropriately captioned in sequential order (e.g., Edit 1, Edit 2, etc.) and describe the modifications that have been applied in the file's description.


Place nominations in this section. Please add new nominations at the top of the list.

Nominations to be closed[edit]

Older Nominations with at least two additional support or oppose votes are placed here to closed. Please place the oldest nominations at the top of the list.

Nominations for delisting[edit]

Nominations that no longer meet the criteria or are of a lower-than-expected standard

Suspended nominations[edit]

Nominations that have been suspended pending the resolution of problems (such as copyright)


Closing procedure[edit]


Tool assisted
  1. Go to X!'s FSC assistant
  2. Enter the filename of the sound - without the File: prefix - and the subpage name of the nomination - for example, "Foo" for Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates/Foo - into the relevant sections.
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. If a sound file is on commons, insert {{Assessments|enwiki=3|ennom="Subpage Page Name"}} on the commons file page.
  5. If the file is within the scope of a project that uses the new Featured Media classification place {{Wikiproject "name"|class=FM|importance=NA}} on the file talk page

Not promoted[edit]

  • Place "'''Not promoted''' ~~~~" at the bottom of the WP:FSC/subpage
  • Remove the {{FSC}} tag from the file and any other suggested versions.
  • Move the nomination entry to the bottom of the July archive. To do this, move the line {{Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates/Sound name}} from this page to the bottom of the archive.
    • If the archive is empty add {{FSCArchiveBar}} to the top of the archive.


  • Place "'''Delisted Example.ogg''' ~~~~" at the bottom of the WP:FSC/subpage:
  • Replace the {{FeaturedSound|Sound name}} tag on the file with {{FormerFeaturedSound|Sound name}}.
  • Remove the delisted sound from Portal:Featured sounds (if doing a replacement, instead replace with the new file, updating the description as needed) and add it to Wikipedia:Former featured sounds.
  • Add a brief note to the nominator's talk page to let them know the result.
  • If doing a replacement as well:
    • Mark the new featured sound's description page with {{FS|delist/nomination name}}. For example, if the delist nomination was Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates/delist/Foo, use {{FS|delist/Foo}}.
    • Put the new featured sound on Portal:Featured sounds, replacing the old one.
    • Replace the old featured sound with the new featured sound in articles, where appropriate. Update the description (if necessary) to cover changes in performers and so on.
    • Optional If the new featured sound is substantially different from the old, add the file to Template:Announcements/New featured pages and Wikipedia:Goings-on.
    • Optional: If appropriate, notify the uploader of the new featured sound with {{subst:UploadedFS|Filename.ogg|Title for the sound}}
  • Move the nomination entry to the bottom of the July archive. To do this, move the line {{Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates/Sound name}} from this page to the bottom of the archive.
    • If the archive is empty add {{FSCArchiveBar}} to the top of the archive.