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In order for a person to be listed in the "Famous" or "Notable Residents" section of a location article, the person should meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Notability. The person must be notable enough to have an article in Wikipedia.
  2. Verifiability, Reliable Sources, Citation. The person must be or must have been a true resident of the location itself; not a seasonal resident; not a resident of a nearby locale or community. Such residence must be verifiable through cited, reliable sources.
  3. Significance to the location. The person's notability must derive from the location OR the person must have derived the basis for their notability in that location OR the person must hold some significance to the location in general.

Examples of Significance to the location:

  • Notability deriving from the location: an artist who was notable for painting scenes of the city in which he/she lived; an author who wrote a book about the city in which he/she lived.
  • Basis for notability derived from a location: a singer who developed his/her talent and/or was "discovered" in a certain city while they were living there; a professional athlete who developed his/her talent in a local athletic team; a mass-murderer who lived in a certain city when he/she murdered his/her victims.
  • Person holding some significance to the location: an actor who establishes his/her notability prior to living in a city, but who uses his/her notability to benefit local charities or becomes a public servant (mayor, commissioner, etc.) for that location.