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The Fastily effect - if you do enough of anything some of it will be wrong.[note 1][note 2]

  1. ^ Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Wikipedia:Fastily effect; Special:Diff/764163320: "This is certainly not an attack page. It is a maxim that it behooves us all to remember - particularly before we actually do attack someone for getting things wrong. As my mother used to say 'the only people who don't make mistakes, don't make anything.'" — Rich Farmbrough
  2. ^ User talk:Fastily § Wikipedia:Fastily effect; Special:Diff/764163882: "I was annoyed at the way Fastily was being treated at the time. It seemed like yet another case of a very productive editor being castigated for what might very well have been a perfectly acceptable quality of editing. ¶ There could be more written there, but I suspect that those capable of understanding it will extrapolate from the maxim." — Rich Farmbrough