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The purpose of this featured articles image survey is to better organize the images on our Wikipedia:Featured articles. This is important to ensure Wikipedia's status as a free content resource (including images) and to comply with criterion #3 of Wikipedia:Featured article criteria.

Survey goals[edit]

Although our featured articles are generally of quite high quality, image issues have often been neglected in the past. The main goal of this project is to ensure that every featured article has at least one free content image and that none abuse fair use restrictions.


Your aim is to make a report on a featured article (any you choose), that you should sign with the date. The report should include the number of images and their free/non-free statuses. Fair use images employed in critical comment should be distinguished from eye candy images, as the latter may be restricted in future. Any potential abuses of copyright or fair use should be reported. Recommendations for possible free images would also be helpful.

It would be a good idea to also leave a brief report at the article's talk page, especially if there are any problems.

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