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Featured articles in Wikipedia

This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

These are current featured articles on Wikipedia that have not yet appeared on the main page. At present, there are 4,816 featured articles, of a total of 5,225,898 articles on Wikipedia. 1,121 articles are listed here. Some of these articles may no longer meet the criteria and can be proposed for improvement or removal at Wikipedia:Featured article review.

A small bronze star (LinkFA-star.png) on the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article is featured.

This list is also available in category format at Category:Featured articles that have not appeared on the main page. For the equivalent category for featured lists, see Category:Featured lists that have not appeared on the main page.

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Art, architecture, and archaeology[edit]

Art, architecture, and archaeology biographies[edit]



Biology biographies[edit]

  • None

Business, economics, and finance[edit]

  • None

Business, economics, and finance biographies[edit]



Chemistry and mineralogy[edit]

  • None

Chemistry and mineralogy biographies[edit]

  • None


  • None

Culture and society[edit]


Engineering and technology[edit]

Food and drink[edit]

  • None

Geography and places[edit]

Geology and geophysics[edit]

  • None

Health and medicine[edit]

Heraldry, honors, and vexillology[edit]

  • None


History biographies[edit]

Language and linguistics[edit]


Law biographies[edit]

Literature and theatre[edit]

Literature and theatre biographies[edit]


  • None

Biographies of mathematicians[edit]

  • None


Media biographies[edit]



Music biographies[edit]

Philosophy and psychology[edit]

  • None

Physics and astronomy[edit]

Physics and astronomy biographies[edit]

Politics and government[edit]

Politics and government biographies[edit]

Religion, mysticism and mythology[edit]

Religion, mysticism and mythology biographies[edit]

Royalty and nobility[edit]

  • None

Royalty and nobility biographies[edit]

Sport and recreation[edit]

Sport and recreation biographies[edit]


Transport biographies[edit]

  • None

Video gaming[edit]


Warfare matériel[edit]

Wars, battles and events[edit]

Warfare biographies[edit]