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Kingswear and the Dart[edit]

Original - Kingswear is a village and civil parish in the South Hams area of the English county of Devon. The village is located on the east bank of the tidal River Dart, close to the river's mouth and opposite the small town of Dartmouth. It lies within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.The image is a view from Dartmouth across the River Dart to Kingswear, and out to the mouth of the Dart in the English Channel.
High quality panorama with great EV because it shows not only the village itself, but also it surroundings.
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  • Support as nominator --Mbz1 (talk) 15:36, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Support and with thanks to Mbz1 :) --Herby talk thyme 16:01, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Support. Nice panorama and good EV, although I feel like the left side is cropped a litttle tight, and so is the right side for that matter. Just slightly. Ðiliff «» (Talk) 19:16, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Support per nom.--Caspian blue 19:34, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Support per Diliff, perhaps just needed that bit more width (a 4th photo...?). --jjron (talk) 16:16, 22 December 2009 (UTC)
    • I could explain it but that would mean admitting to the fact that the left side beyond where it is was becoming overexposed (and did not add much) and that roof tops and extraneous objects were intruding on the right hand side and you would not expect me to do that on wiki would you...;) It is certainly one I will look at getting/improving on in the future. Thanks for the interest. --Herby talk thyme 16:31, 22 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Support per nom. Elekhh (talk) 03:55, 23 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Support per nom -- Chris 73 | Talk 06:21, 23 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Support I always wonder who first thought "Hey this hill looks really steep and is precariously overhanging a big river - let's build loads of houses there..." Gazhiley (talk) 09:46, 23 December 2009 (UTC)

Promoted File:Kingswear and the Dart s1.jpg --Noodle snacks (talk) 09:03, 1 January 2010 (UTC)