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Original – Poster by Jean de Paleologu for the première of Jules Massenet's Sapho
This is the poster used for the première of a significant opera, and thus very historically significant, although I will agree it's a little garish. Still, we can't very well go back and get different art made for the opera's première, so I think judgement of the artistic merit is trumped anyway.
This was the last of the Massenet posters I had available, and probably the most damaged, meaning I've literally been working at this for days, trying to fix up everything. Think I got the majority of it, but if you see more, please point it out and I'll fix it.
Articles in which this image appears
Significant uses: Sapho (Massenet), Emma Calvé. Gallery only: Jean de Paleologu
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Jean de Paleologu, restored by Adam Cuerden
  • Support as nominator --Adam Cuerden (talk) 02:42, 3 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Support Very nice. – Kerαunoςcopiagalaxies 22:06, 5 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Support Good enc. SpencerT♦C 07:07, 6 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Support Striking. JJ Harrison (talk) 10:39, 8 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Support. I've been thinking about this for a while--EV isn't great, given that this represents the performance, not the work itself (and a performance that, according to our article, was not based on the canonical version of the work). But EV for Calvé is pretty good. Chick Bowen 19:00, 8 March 2013 (UTC)

Promoted File:Jean de Paleologu - Jules Massenet - Sapho.jpg --Armbrust The Homunculus 02:50, 12 March 2013 (UTC)