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Stu-mick-o-súcks (Buffalo Bull's Back Fat)[edit]

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Original – “I have this day been painting a portrait of the head chief of the [Blood tribe] … he is a good-looking and dignified Indian, about fifty years of age, and superbly dressed; whilst sitting for his picture he has been surrounded by his own braves and warriors and also gazed at by his enemies, the Crows and the Knisteneaux, Assinneboins and Ojibbeways; a number of distinguished personages of each of which tribes have laid all day around the sides of my room; reciting to each other the battles they have fought, and pointing to the scalp-locks, worn as proofs of their victories, and attached to the seams of their shirts and leggings." - George Catlin, 1832
High EV for a number of reasons. A historically and culturally important painting it shows traditional Blackfoot clothing/apparel such as the beaded buckskin shirt, hair roach, eagle feather, face paint, and beaded pipe. The painting shows a real Blood Indian chief (Bloods are one of three united tribes that make up the Blackfoot Confederacy) painted from life by George Catlin. George Catlin is famous for his from-life paintings of western American Indian tribes at a time before the settlement of the west and before Indians were confined to reservations. The Painting of Buffalo Bull's Back Fat is Catlin's most famous painting and widely considered to be his finest work.
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