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Traditional hay stack [edit]

Traditional hay stack from Romania
A cropped version
A less severe crop

In this day and age of modern machinery we rarely see pictures such as this. Not only does it illustrate the subject Hay well but it illustrates a way of life that is becoming forgotten by many. This picture was contributed by User:Paulnasca.

  • Nominate and support. - David D. 22:22, 28 July 2005 (UTC)
  • Who took this photo? Where in Romania was it taken? -- Beland 03:15, 29 July 2005 (UTC)
    • support This picture was took by me and was taken in Lunca Bradului, a small village in Mures couty from Romania. I have many other pics of haystack :) Paul Nasca 17:17, 08 August, 2005 (UTC)
  • Nice. I wonder if the top should be cropped slightly though? Whitehorse1 01:28, July 31, 2005 (UTC)
    • I tried cropping it but I think I overdid it. How much did you have in mind? David D. 05:44, 31 July 2005 (UTC)
      • A second attempt. David D. 05:48, 31 July 2005 (UTC)
  • Support all but the most cropped version. I like the atmosphere and contrast the background brings to the image. - Mgm|(talk) 01:26, August 4, 2005 (UTC)
  • Oppose. Not terribly eye catching. Enochlau 10:05, 4 August 2005 (UTC)
  • Support. While not "extremely" eye-catching, I find it nostalgic, and it happens to be a subject I've never seen in real life, besides having visited quite a number of farms in Quebec. Circeus 22:47, August 4, 2005 (UTC)
  • 'Support -- colourful =Nichalp «Talk»= 18:46, August 6, 2005 (UTC)
  • Oppose. Boring. --ScottyBoy900Q 02:51, 8 August 2005 (UTC)
  • Support This is an intriguing picture of hay, that would prompt me to read the article. To me this hay stack looks a bit like a hut, and unlike the rounds, blocks, and mounds of hay I have seen elsewhere. A technical question, can the caption provide more detail on the stack, does it represent the rippling method, the cock method, or some other method used by Romanian farmers. And I am curious if those poles sticking from the haystack are part of some internal basket that supports the hay. Hebb l 21:33, 10 August 2005 (UTC)

Promoted Image:Romanian hay.jpg 5/2 Jtkiefer T | @ | C ----- 02:28, August 14, 2005 (UTC)